Startup Showcase: Howamigoing – Revolutionizing Employee Feedback and Praise

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Are you tired of receiving vague or ineffective feedback from managers or colleagues at work? Are you struggling to create a culture of constructive criticism and praise in your team? Look no further than Howamigoing – the game-changing feedback and public praise software that is revolutionizing employee development.

Who we are

Howamigoing is a London-based startup with a mission to help people live their best lives by building and developing great teams through constructive feedback. We believe in the power of feedback to help people grow both personally and professionally, and we have identified a crucial communication gap that needs bridging. Our team of experts in technology, design, and psychology has created a solution that helps colleagues feel comfortable asking and answering uncomfortable questions, leading to greater self-awareness, clarity, and confidence in their work and relationships.

What we do

Through our beautifully designed, UX-led platform, we offer a range of tools to help employees and employers manage goal-setting, feedback, manager check-ins, pulse surveys, and personal note-keeping throughout the year. Our software provides a safe and confidential portal for employees to gather year-round advice from their colleagues, while also giving managers and employers access to real-time data on team performance and development.

Our software is easy to use and customizable to suit the specific needs of each team or organization. We also offer training and support to help employees and managers make the most of our platform, and to ensure that constructive feedback becomes a part of their culture.

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Why choose Howamigoing

Unlike traditional feedback methods, which can be vague, intermittent, and often biased, Howamigoing offers a safe space for employees to give and receive honest feedback. By creating a culture of constructive criticism and praise, we help to foster an environment of trust, transparency, and personal growth. And by providing a platform that is accessible and effective, we save companies time, money, and anxiety in managing employee development.

With Howamigoing, employees can:

  • Receive feedback that is specific, actionable, and honest
  • Set and track personalized goals that are aligned with their team and organization
  • Build stronger relationships with colleagues and managers
  • Continuously develop their skills and strengths, leading to greater job satisfaction and performance.

Meanwhile, employers gain valuable insights into team performance, engagement, and development, helping them to make strategic decisions that benefit both the company and its employees.


If you want to create a culture of constructive criticism and praise in your workplace, Howamigoing can help. Try our feedback and public praise software, and see the difference it can make in developing your team and achieving your business goals.


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