Startup Showcase: Starthawk Industries – The Online Platform for Finding Your Perfect Co-Founder

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Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find the right co-founder for your startup? Look no further than Starthawk Industries, the London-based online platform that allows you to connect with the perfect business partner in a quick and intuitive way.

What is Starthawk Industries?

Starthawk Industries is an innovative online platform designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses find the ideal co-founder to make their startup dreams a reality. With its sophisticated algorithm, Starthawk Industries filters through a vast pool of candidates to locate the perfect fit for your specific needs.

The platform provides entrepreneurs with the ability to find expertise and experience that they might not possess themselves. Whether it’s a technical guru, a marketing whiz or an experienced business strategist – Starthawk Industries has got you covered.

Subscription Plans

Starthawk Industries offers two subscription plans. As a free subscriber, you’re entitled to initiate one conversation per month with a potential co-founder. Paid subscribers, on the other hand, can initiate an unlimited number of conversations with potential co-founders, and they’ll be prioritized in other users’ searches.

Why choose Starthawk Industries?

Apart from the intuitive messaging system that allows clear communication with potential co-founders, Starthawk Industries offers many benefits, including:

  • Pre-screen and algorithm-matching service: The platform ensures that potential co-founders are pre-screened and only matched according to their compatibility with a user’s needs.
  • User-friendly: The easy-to-use platform removes common obstacles that come with finding the right co-founder.
  • International reach: Starthawk Industries is not restricted to entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom; it caters to entrepreneurs worldwide and can connect them with co-founders globally.
  • Community: The Starthawk Industries community is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, providing access to information relevant to the business community.
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Starthawk Industries’ customer satisfaction is evident in its high ratings and testimonials from satisfied customers. Tim, a satisfied customer, writes, “Starthawk Industries allowed me to reduce my search for a co-founder from months to weeks.”

Quick Business Tips From Starthawk Industries

Starthawk Industries also has a blog with a host of articles, tips, and tricks aimed at helping entrepreneurs achieve their startup goals. Their articles cover topics such as:

  • Creating a winning pitch: Tips on making a pitch that will capture the attention of potential investors.
  • Building the perfect team: Advice on how to structure a functional and efficient team base around co-founders.
  • Fundraising: Strategies, do’s and don’ts, methods for reducing the risk, and the importance of having a strong backup plan.


If you’re an entrepreneur looking to take the first step in your startup journey or someone in need of expertise to support your business, Starthawk Industries is the perfect online platform for you. Sign up today and connect with your ideal co-founder in a quick and intuitive way.


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