Discovering UK’s Top Business Management Consultants: A Comprehensive Guide for Organisations Seeking Expert Advice

Discovering UK's Top Business Management Consultants: A Comprehensive Guide for Organisations Seeking Expert Advice

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Key Takeaways

  1. Business management consultants can offer insights and strategies that transform your organisation.
  2. The consultants profiled in this guide have a wide range of expertise, including strategic planning, leadership development, organisational development, financial management, and more.
  3. It’s important to identify a consultant who aligns with your specific needs and can offer customised advice for your business.


The right business management consultant can be a catalyst for business growth and efficiency. They bring industry expertise, strategic insights, and a fresh perspective to help you navigate business challenges and seize opportunities. This guide aims to help you identify the right consultant for your needs, showcasing some of the UK’s leading consultants.

To choose the right consultant, consider the following:

  • Identify your needs: What challenges is your business facing? What goals do you want to achieve?
  • Look at their expertise: What areas of business do they specialise in?
  • Assess their experience: What’s their track record? How have they helped similar businesses in the past?
  • Evaluate their approach: How do they engage with clients? What methodologies do they use?

Comparison of Top Business Management Consultants

Gina AbudiAbudi Consulting Group, LLCChange Management, Leadership Development, Project ManagementWebsite
Cheria AllenEagles Landing Community ServicesFinancial Counseling, Leadership DevelopmentNA
Mahmood Al-SaatiSaturn ConsultantsBusiness Plans, Financial Models, Digital TransformationWebsite
Allan Bo AnderssonBoTime ConsultingFinancial Counseling, Market Research, Product DevelopmentNA
Perizat AubakirovaGlobal Taxes LLCTax Advisory, Financial ManagementNA
William BailerAmerTacBusiness Management, Strategic PlanningNA
Stephen Balzac7 Steps Ahead, LLCOrganisational Development, Leadership CoachingWebsite
Matheus Barbosa EvangelistaPuplinewBusiness Management, Financial ManagementNA
Tanya Barnhill TurnleyTM ConsultantsMarketing, Brand DevelopmentWebsite
Calvin BenjaminBenjamin Consulting Group, LLCBusiness Sustainment, Career GuidanceWebsite
Jeffrey BoorseCounseling ResolutionsExecutive Performance Coaching, Conflict ResolutionWebsite
Ralph BuchmaierAvaya Inc.Business Management, Change ManagementNA
Laura BurfordLaura’s Consulting GuideConsulting Advisory Services, Independent ConsultingWebsite
Charity CarmodyBeautiful Step LLCBusiness Management, Strategic PlanningWebsite
Joe CarvalhoROARANGE BUSINESS STRATEGIES, LLCBusiness Consulting, Project ManagementWebsite
Cassie CrosbyIterata, Inc, Leadership Coaching and Leader Development ConsultingLeadership Coaching, Leader DevelopmentWebsite
David DauphinaisInSync Business Group, LLCBusiness Solutions, Strategic PlanningWebsite
Desmond DelceDF World Group LLCBusiness Advice, Strategic PlanningWebsite
William DunbarOrderly OpsDevOps Consulting, Agile CoachingWebsite
Adegboyega EgunjobiIndependent ConsultantBusiness Management, HealthcareNA
Dr. Jeffrey FoxFox – Public Safety Training, Educating, & Consulting, LLC.Leadership Training, Crisis ManagementWebsite
Jaden GabelhausenJade ConsultingNonprofit consulting, donor base expansionWebsite
Nicolas GerleinBabson CollegeBusiness Management, Financial CounselingNA
Dale GillmoreQuestBusiness Consultation, Business ValuationWebsite
Susan GoldSusan Gold CoachingStrategic Planning, Sales Funnel ManagementWebsite

Personalizing Your Business Management Consultant Selection

When choosing a consultant, considering their field of expertise and years of experience is a start, but it’s also essential to align their approach with your company’s specific needs.

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Mahmood Al-Saati of Saturn Consultants specializes in crafting investor documents, business plans, digital transformation strategies, and feasibility studies. His services are critical for start-ups and businesses looking to secure funds or expand into new markets.

If your firm is a small manufacturing company, Allan Bo Andersson of BoTime Consulting could provide you with the precise expertise you need. His specialized knowledge in business and financial management, market research, and product development is vital for businesses in this niche sector.

Tanya Barnhill Turnley of TM Consultants focuses on turning challenges into results-oriented solutions through marketing and brand development. If your firm is looking to strengthen its brand or develop a marketing strategy, her consultancy firm could be a valuable asset.

Cassie Crosby from Iterata, Inc offers leadership coaching, strategic planning, strategic communications, editing, and writing coaching, which can be extremely beneficial for businesses looking to develop their leadership teams or improve their overall communication strategies.

Stephen Balzac from 7 Steps Ahead, LLC offers comprehensive services, from increasing revenue and client retention to coaching individual employees on reducing stress and boosting productivity.

For the tech-oriented companies, William Dunbar, PhD from Orderly Ops provides DevOps consulting and strategy development, software deployment strategies, Agile coaching, and executive coaching for DevOps culture.

The choice ultimately depends on the unique needs of your business.

Comparative Analysis

The consultants we’ve covered each come with their unique skills and expertise. The following comparison table provides a snapshot of their specialities:

Gina AbudiAbudi Consulting Group, LLCChange Management, Leadership Development, Project Management
Cheria AllenEagles Landing Community ServicesLeadership Development, Financial Counselling
Mahmood Al-SaatiSaturn ConsultantsBusiness Plans, Financial Models, Digital Transformation
Allan Bo AnderssonBoTime ConsultingBusiness Management, Financial Counselling
Tanya Barnhill TurnleyTM ConsultantsMarketing, Brand Development
Cassie CrosbyIterata, IncLeadership Coaching, Strategic Communications
Stephen Balzac7 Steps Ahead, LLCOrganizational Development, Leadership Coaching
William Dunbar, PhDOrderly OpsDevOps Consulting, Agile Coaching


Choosing the right business management consultant can bring immense value to your business, helping you navigate the complexities of the corporate landscape. Whether you need assistance in financial management, strategic planning, leadership development, or organizational development, these consultants each have a unique approach and set of skills to offer.

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Remember, the best consultant is not necessarily the one with the most accolades or the longest resume. It’s the one who understands your business, shares your vision, and can help you achieve your strategic goals.

In the world of business, change is the only constant. Partnering with a consultant who can guide you through that change can make all the difference.

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