Finding the Perfect Fit: Discovering Top Branding Consultants to Elevate Your Business in the UK

Comparing the Elite Branding Consultants in the UK Market

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Understanding your needs in relation to the consultants’ skills and experience is crucial in choosing the right branding consultant.
  2. Each consultant has unique strengths, specialties, and approaches to branding strategy.
  3. The consultant’s professional background, services, and client testimonials play a significant role in the selection process.

Choosing the Right Branding Consultant: An Introductory Guide

Choosing the right branding consultant can be a challenging task. These professionals, armed with skills and expertise, play an essential role in defining the image and positioning of your business. Therefore, picking the right one requires careful consideration of various factors including their industry experience, the range of services they offer, their reputation, and their understanding of your specific needs and goals. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best branding consultants in the UK and give you a guide on selecting the one that fits your needs.

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Detailed Insights Into the UK’s Top Branding Consultants

Here are some of the leading branding consultants you should consider in your selection process:

Tanya Barnhill Turnley – TM Consultants

With over 45 years of experience, TM Consultants assist in turning challenges into results-oriented solutions, specializing in marketing and brand development.

Shoshana Burgett – Pink Elephant Productions & colorkarma

Shoshana offers a variety of services including branding, marketing, product development, and web design.


Joe Carvalho provides business consulting and project management tailored to clients’ needs.

Jaden Gabelhausen – Jade Consulting

Jaden specializes in non-profit consulting, focusing on donor base expansion and acquisition.

JD Gershbein – Owlish Communications

JD Gershbein’s expertise lies in LinkedIn profile writing and branding.

Susan Gold – Susan Gold Coaching

Susan Gold offers services such as strategic planning, ideal client targeting, and competitive audits.

Tim Hartge – The University of Michigan

Tim Hartge provides services including branding, marketing, and leadership development.

Lovelynn Ivey – Lovelynn Ivey Consulting

Lovelynn offers a wide range of services including project & event management, succession design, and defining your legacy.

Alishia Jones – ALINIJO LLC

Alishia consults with beauty brands on product development and business strategies.

Sherry McClain – McClain Concords

Sherry McClain offers services in branding, marketing strategies, and project management.

Brandon McNeice – Tack Educational Consulting LLC

Brandon offers college admissions counseling, school operations, and career coaching for education professionals.

Juan Montalvo – Montalvo Rolon Sotomayor. LLC

Juan Montalvo offers business and real estate consulting, media relations, and risk management.

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Nichole Nicolas – Sparkpoint Business Systems LLC

Nichole Nicolas specializes in branding, business management, and organizational development.

Jose Roberto Pastor de Almeida – NEW ROSE TRADING LLC

Jose assists small and medium-sized foreign businesses in establishing themselves in the U.S.

J. Roby Penn IV – Penn International LLC

Roby Penn offers non-profit, political, and business consulting.

Linda Popky – Leverage 2 Market Associates

Linda Popky specializes in branding, marketing strategies, and publishing books.


Robert Rosentel assists in conceiving and implementing change through skills and experience in product development.

Pete Scahill – Bay State Strategic Solutions, LLC

Pete Scahill offers strategic planning, business coaching, and change management.

Greg Stone – Greg Stone Communications

Greg Stone specializes in branding, crisis communications, and executive coaching.


Victor M Vega provides consulting, customer service training, and business development.

Ari Weinstein – Ari M. Weinstein

Ari Weinstein offers brand coaching, career coaching, and art direction for all design phases of branding.

David Zahn – ZAHN Consulting, LLC

David Zahn specializes in sales training and coaching entrepreneurs.

Comparison Table

Consultant NameOrganizationSpecialitiesExperienceContact
Tanya Barnhill TurnleyTM ConsultantsBranding, Marketing, Business Management45+ yearsWebsite
Shoshana BurgettPink Elephant Productions & colorkarmaBranding, Marketing, Product DevelopmentNot specifiedWebsite
Joe CarvalhoROARANGE BUSINESS STRATEGIES, LLCBranding, Business Management, Project ManagementNot specifiedWebsite
Jaden GabelhausenJade ConsultingBranding, Business Management, Market ResearchNot specifiedWebsite
JD GershbeinOwlish CommunicationsBranding, LinkedIn Profile WritingNot specifiedWebsite
Susan GoldSusan Gold CoachingBranding, Business Management, MarketingNot specifiedWebsite
Tim HartgeThe University of MichiganBranding, Business Management, MarketingNot specifiedNot available
Lovelynn IveyLovelynn Ivey ConsultingBranding, Business Management, Change ManagementNot specifiedWebsite
Alishia JonesALINIJO LLCBranding, Product Development, Project ManagementNot specifiedWebsite
Sherry McClainMcClain ConcordsBranding, Business Management, MarketingNot specifiedNot available
Brandon McNeiceTack Educational Consulting LLCBranding, Business Management, Crisis CommunicationsNot specifiedWebsite
Juan MontalvoMontalvo Rolon Sotomayor. LLCBranding, Business Management, Crisis CommunicationsNot specifiedWebsite
Nichole NicolasSparkpoint Business Systems LLCBranding, Business Management, FundraisingNot specifiedWebsite
Jose Roberto Pastor de AlmeidaNEW ROSE TRADING LLCBranding, Business Management, Market ResearchNot specifiedNot available
J. Roby Penn IVPenn International LLCBranding, Business Management, MarketingNot specifiedWebsite
Linda PopkyLeverage 2 Market AssociatesBranding, Marketing, Publishing ServicesNot specifiedWebsite
Robert W. RosentelMEDIAVATIS CONSULTING, LLCBranding, Business Management, Product DevelopmentNot specifiedWebsite
Pete ScahillBay State Strategic Solutions, LLCBranding, Business Management, Change ManagementNot specifiedWebsite
Greg StoneGreg Stone CommunicationsBranding, Crisis Communications, Media TrainingNot specifiedWebsite
Victor M VegaVMV MED MARKETING SERVICES, INC.Branding, Business Management, HealthcareNot specifiedWebsite
Ari WeinsteinAri M. WeinsteinBranding, Executive Coaching, Graphic DesignNot specifiedWebsite
David ZahnZAHN Consulting, LLCBranding, Business Management, Executive CoachingNot specifiedWebsite

Each of these consultants has a unique mix of expertise in branding, marketing, and other areas. When choosing a branding consultant, consider not just their specialty areas, but also their specific experiences and methodologies. Look for consultants who align with your specific needs and values, as well as those who demonstrate a clear understanding of your brand’s target market and goals. The perfect branding consultant will help you not just to build your brand, but to make it resonate with the people who matter most: your customers.

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Finding the perfect branding consultant requires careful deliberation. Your chosen professional will play a key role in shaping the perception of your brand. In an ever-evolving business landscape, aligning your goals with the right consultant can mean the difference between a vibrant brand that resonates with your target audience and one that gets lost in the crowd. Utilize the provided information and resources to find your perfect fit, and elevate your brand to new heights.

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