Can AI Chatbots Revolutionise Customer Service in UK Hospitality Sector?

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Key Takeaways:

  • A startup from Bournemouth, called Feebi, is revolutionising customer service in UK’s hospitality sector using AI Chatbots.
  • Their software provides customers with swift responses to online enquiries, delivers enhanced user experience, and improves business conversions.
  • Feebi’s 24/7 availability ensures customer queries are answered immediately, negating the need for manual agents.
  • The potential of AI chatbots like Feebi in streamlining operations, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction is immense.

In modern times, fast, efficient, and accurate responses are the cornerstone of effective customer service. This is why technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are increasingly being integrated into this sector. In particular, the use of automated AI chatbots is proving transformative for many businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector. The UK startup, Feebi, is central to this industry transformation.

Founded in Bournemouth by Charlton Santana, Feebi aims to automate customer service in the hospitality industry. Their chatbot uses AI to swiftly answer online enquiries and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This ability to handle customer interactions instantaneously at any time is core to Feebi’s appeal. By harnessing both social media and website platforms, Feebi is able to interact with customers in a way that is efficient and comfortable for them.

Feebi differentiates itself through its emphasis on improving the customer experience rather than simply solving problems. This is brought to life through enhanced user engagement via instant messaging. Customers can ask the chatbot various questions about reservations, menu options, and more and receive immediate responses. By reducing the response time, enhancing communication and continuously being available, Feebi increases customer satisfaction and in turn, improves business conversions.

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The tool creates leads, sales, customer service solutions, and handles customer prerequisites with ease, demonstrating value far beyond rapid customer responses. With Feebi, businesses in the hospitality sector can automate their customer service workflow while still maintaining a personalised customer experience. The added bonus is the reduction in need for human customer service agents, thereby saving costs.

Feebi’s future, much like the future of AI in the hospitality industry, looks very promising. The demand for AI chatbots is growing, and Feebi, with its unique ability to improve the customer experience, can take a sizable share of this expanding market. As more businesses recognise the potential in these automated solutions for streamlining operations and reducing costs, the adoption of AI customer service assistants like Feebi is likely to skyrocket.

For more information about Feebi and its transformative AI chatbot, visit the company’s website ( or follow them on Twitter (@GetFeebi), Facebook (getfeebi), or LinkedIn (Feebi).

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