Can AI Revolutionise Health Insurance Underwriting With Predictive Analytics?

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Key takeaways:

  • DESAISIV is a London-based B2B InsurTech startup utilizing AI and predictive analytics to optimise health insurance underwriting.
  • By exploiting billions of data points, DESAISIV’s innovative SaaS product reduces insurance loss-ratio by predicting future diseases and providing bespoke personalized risk assessments.
  • With focus on health insights and treatment suggestions, this startup is at the forefront of revolutionising health insurance underwriting.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming increasingly prevalent across various industries, a trend that InsurTech company DESAISIV is riding in its innovative approach towards health insurance underwriting. The London-based startup, founded by Saed Khawaldeh, uses AI to help health and life insurance companies optimise their underwriting processes.

DESAISIV’s AI SaaS product considers a staggering number of features and billions of data points, extracted from both insurers’ internal systems and external data sources. These features include future disease development predictions and population health insights, tailored to the bespoke data-driven personalized risks of the insurer’s clientele.

What sets DESAISIV apart in this ever competitive industry is its capacity to reduce insurance loss-ratios drastically. It does this by predicting future diseases from an enormous database. It then optimizes underwriting by adjusting insurance policies to match the data-derived personal risks. Its bespoke AI-powered model is tailored for each client, providing highly personalized insights and risk assessments to inform critical decision-making.

Furthermore, DESAISIV extends its innovation to offering population health insights and treatment suggestions, fortifying health insurers with the power to make well-informed, proactive decisions. This not only enhances their service offering but more importantly, affords their clients potential health benefits in the longer term.

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With the continued advancement of AI technology, startups like DESAISIV are leading the revolution in the insurance sector. Its ability to harness vast amounts of data to produce predictive analytics and risk assessments indicates that the future of health insurance underwriting could very well lie within AI technology.

In conclusion, the industry is likely to see an increase in the adoption of these technologies as insurers become more aware of their benefits. This could ultimately lead to more efficient underwriting processes, reduction in loss-ratios, and overall, a more data-driven insurance industry. For more information about DESAISIV and their innovative approach to health insurance underwriting, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

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