Can Data-Driven Matchmaking Revolutionise Professional Networking in the UK?

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Regardless of the sector or industry, one thing that all professionals can agree on is the importance of networking. Whether it’s to open up job opportunities, gather fresh perspectives, or find mentorship and support, strong and mutually beneficial peer connections are key to career success. Yet, despite its importance, forming these connections can often be a challenge in itself. Enter Voco, a London-based startup that aims to revolutionise professional networking through the power of data-driven matchmaking and behavioural psychology.

Founded by Katie Thompson and Simon Dennett, Voco is positioned at the intersection of communities, human resources, and technology. Providing a platform for modern career development, Voco espouses the belief in the power of ‘thinking partnerships’, where mutual support and collective growth are prioritised over one-sided advantages. The ultimate question being asked is: “Can data-driven matchmaking revolutionise professional networking in the UK?”

Key Takeaways:

  • Voco is a career development platform that effectively combines data-driven matchmaking with behavioural psychology.
  • By using intelligent algorithms, Voco matches individuals based on personality, expertise, challenges, and ambitions and then facilitates structured diginal conversations between them.
  • The platform is based in London, positioning itself in one of the most active professional networking communities in the world.
  • Voco’s goal is to make professional connections more equitable and accessible than traditional mentoring or coaching.

Voco sets itself apart by leveraging intelligent algorithms for matchmaking. Unlike the superficial and often hit-or-miss nature of traditional networking, Voco goes deep, matching people based on aspects such as personality type, expertise, professional challenges and ambitions. This results in more meaningful and fruitful connections that can facilitate substantial career growth and opportunities. And it doesn’t stop there. Voco also facilitates the conversation between matches and tracks progress and feedback along the way, ensuring interactions are beneficial and providing actionable insights for individual growth.

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Furthermore, Voco strives to make these valuable connections more accessible. While the traditional avenues of accessing professional support – mentoring and coaching – can often be expensive, exclusive, and intimidating, Voco levels the playing field. Their platform is designed to be more equitable and widely available, making it possible for anyone at any level of their career to find and connect with peers who can offer meaningful support and fresh perspectives.

Looking forward, Voco is poised to have a significant impact on the professional networking scene in the UK. As the future of work moves increasingly towards digitisation and remote interactions, the need for effective online networking platforms will only increase. By blending data science, behavioural psychology and a passion for more equitable career development, Voco is poised to meet this growing demand.

Ultimately, Voco emphasises that peer connection and mutual support are not just optional extras, but critical components of career success. Step into this revolutionary approach to professional networking by visiting Follow Voco on their socials at LinkedIn to stay updated on their developments.

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