Can Micro-Video Platforms Revolutionise Global Education and Skill Acquisition?

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In an increasingly complex and competitive world, education and skills development are no longer confined to traditional classrooms or institutional courses. The internet has democratised access to knowledge, dislodged geographical boundaries, and digital platforms are increasingly facilitating an unprecedented global exchange of skills and knowledge. That’s where a UK-based startup, Tick. Done., makes its mark. Riding on this wave of the Knowledge Economy and the power of micro-content, Tick. Done. has emerged as a disruptor in the Education and Content sectors. With a mission to empower a billion people with a million new skills through its micro-video platform, Tick. Done. is redefining how knowledge is created, consumed, and distributed.

Founded by Cedric Lam, Franz-Josef Schrepf and Jessica Butcher, Tick. Done. is based in London, England. Described as a blend of How-To videos and story format, the platform enables any individual to share their skills and knowledge in short, digestible video chunks that are easily accessible within the app or the web. These videos are also integrated into search results, thereby strongly amplifying their visibility and reach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tick. Done. is a London-based startup shaking up the Content and Education industries
  • It amalgamates the “how-to” video and story format into a micro-video platform for instant knowledge sharing
  • The platform aims to empower a billion people with a million new skills
  • Tick. Done. seamlessly integrates between the web and its app

The unique edge of Tick. Done. lies in its format and model. Micro-videos facilitate bite-sized learning, making knowledge acquisition more enticing and less daunting. The platform is democratic, enabling anyone from anywhere to contribute to the knowledge pool, thereby broadening the spectrum of skills one can learn. Moreover, the integration with search-engine results extends the visibility and accessibility of its content, potentially allowing the platform to revolutionise the education and skill acquisition process on a global scale.

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What further sets Tick. Done. apart is its mission and understanding of the digital content consumption trends. The founders, through their platform, emphasise on the power and efficacy of micro-content as a tool to empower individuals. By breaking down barriers in content creation, consumption, and distribution, Tick. Done. is undoubtedly transforming the landscape of knowledge sharing and skill acquisition.

Looking forward, Tick. Done., with its unique proposition, seems poised to be a game-changer in the landscape of global education and skills acquisition. The core idea of instantly acquiring skills and knowledge through bite-sized videos aligns with a world where speed of learning might as well determine the pace at which an individual or a society progresses. In the coming years, the platform could significantly influence the possibilities, benefits, and impacts of global skill-building and knowledge sharing.

Given the potential, it is worth keeping an eye on Tick. Done.’s journey and growth. You can follow their progress on their website, as well as on their social platforms on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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