Can Secure Crypto Custody Solutions Empower Institutional Digital Asset Investing?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Copper offers secure infrastructures for institutional digital asset investment community.
  • Through the ClearLoop network, asset managers can engage in off-exchange trading and settlement at top-tier digital asset exchanges.
  • Copper’s innovation presents a high-growth opportunity for institutional investors in the digital asset market.

With the rise of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, secure management and storage of these digital resources has become a significant hurdle, especially for institutional investors. Overcoming these challenges could prove pivotal in propelling digital asset investing into mainstream financial sectors. This opens up an opportunity for startups such as Copper to shine. Based in London, England, Copper is a cryptocurrency custody firm providing a secure infrastructure for the institutional digital asset investment community.

The startup’s innovative design integrates most trading platforms and the digital asset infrastructure is further protected by the ClearLoop network, enabling off-exchange trading and settlement at select, tier-1 digital asset exchanges.

What differentiates Copper from its market peers is the startup’s offering of uncollateralized lending, an innovative proposition considering the critical economic role played by lending in the financial services sector. This adds another dimension to the startup’s value proposition, enticing more conservative investors to the digital asset market. Furthermore, Copper’s secure wallet architecture isn’t solely available as a standalone application, but also as a mobile app and a browser extension for smart contract signing, presenting a convenient and adaptable solution.

Additionally, the decentralised nature of digital assets is retained due to Copper’s model, even while providing a framework that feels familiar to traditional financial investors. This balancing act between trailblazing the crypto world and retaining the comfort of familiarity is another distinguishing factor that sets Copper apart.

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Copper appears to be carving out a secure place for itself in the future of institutional investment into digital assets. The startup grounds itself firmly not just in the present applications of blockchain and digital currencies but also in their potential future uses, thereby preparing itself for a rapidly evolving market. For the industry in general, the road ahead is paved with the challenges of increasingly intricate digital asset strategies and regulatory complexities. With its innovative solutions, Copper is well-poised to lead the way in addressing these challenges.

Contact Copper on their official website at You can also keep up with them on Twitter at or on Linkedin at The company was founded by Dmitry Tokarev.

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