Can the Next Big Software Revolutionize Enterprise Spreadsheet Transparency and Governance?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Hub 85 is transforming the way organisations manage and analyse their internal spreadsheets.
  • The startup has received recognition from the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for its innovative approach.
  • By identifying and analysing spreadsheet inventories, Hub 85 helps to reduce risks and cut costs.
  • Hub 85 is part of the exclusive FCA Regulatory Sandbox.

Emerging from the heart of London, a leader in the burgeoning analytics, enterprise software, and software industry, Hub 85 is reimagining the way organisations operate, manage and analyse their internal spreadsheet ecosystem. Serving as an autonomous governance tool, Hub 85 is instrumental in risk management and workflow analytics for many organisations worldwide.

Founded by the expert duo, Omar Quraishi and Samuel Arthur, Hub 85 is a cutting-edge business intelligence software solution that offers complete transparency on a company’s spreadsheet inventory providing real-time, actionable insights. Through Hub 85’s software, organizations can significantly cut down on business risks, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

What sets Hub 85 apart is their innovative approach to spreadsheet management. Many organizations today still heavily rely on spreadsheets for operational processes, which present inherent risks and inefficiencies. Hub 85 addresses these issues by giving organizations complete transparency on their spreadsheet inventory and real-time insights into their data. This way, organizations can easily identify potential risks, cut costs, and optimize their processes.

This London-based startup has even caught the eye of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, receiving the Founders Award and gaining access to the London Business School Incubator. Furthermore, it has earned a spot in cohort 4 of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Regulatory Sandbox, an exclusive opportunity for innovative startups to test their solutions in a controlled environment.

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As Hub 85 carves its path in the industry, the future promises even greater milestones for the startup as it continues to revolutionize enterprise spreadsheet transparency and governance. If its pioneering business intelligence software is an indication of what’s ahead, we can expect to see further inventive contributions from this innovative software company.

Stay connected with Hub 85 as it revolutionizes the interface between enterprise and software. You can follow their journey and updates on social media platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn .

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