Can Unified Data Platforms Revolutionise FinTech Customer Onboarding and Risk Management?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sikoia is a unified data platform aimed at transforming the FinTech customer onboarding process and risk assessment management.
  • The startup is striving to automate the lending decision process for fintechs, lenders, and corporates.
  • The platform revolutionizes the handling of customer data by eliminating time-consuming and ineffective manual tasks.
  • Sikoia’s holistic and innovative approach has the potential to shape the future of the FinTech industry.

Answering the call for creative solutions to the age-old financial industry challenges is London-based startup, Sikoia. This innovative startup operates at the intersection of big data, FinTech, and risk management, with a singular aim of transforming the customer onboarding process and risk assessment management using a unified data platform. Sikoia is perfecting the balance between financial innovation and customer satisfaction, bringing resource efficiency and delight to the customer experience.

Sikoia is taking financial services to the next level by embedding financial innovation, with its objective range from automating the lending decision process for fintechs, lenders, and corporates to reducing customer friction drastically. By simplifying these complex processes, Sikoia is not only assisting businesses in expediting their operations but also paving the way for more consumer-centric FinTech services.

The key differential of startup Sikoia is its unified data platform, a powerhouse innovation that eliminates traditional, laborious, and time-consuming methods of reconciling customer data. No more poring over disorganized spreadsheets or outdated systems, instead the platform enables a single streamlined approach for managing customer data effectively. Besides, centralizing data operations also means businesses can get a more comprehensive view of their customers, which can lead to more accurate customer profiling and risk assessment.

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Furthermore, Sikoia also offers an API marketplace. This, combined with their unified data platform, is essentially a two-pronged solution where businesses don’t just manage their customer data better, but also access a pool of APIs for application integration and development, thus expanding their potential to offer innovative services.

The future looks promising for both Sikoia and the industry it operates in. With businesses increasingly realising the need for customer data unification and APIs, Sikoia is positioned to lead the revolution. Its innovative solutions don’t just add vigour to customer onboarding and risk assessment, but also promise potential growth in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for financial services.

If the path Sikoia is paving is any hint, we can expect the future of FinTechs to embrace elevated standards of customer service through unified data platforms and API marketplaces. Join Sikoia on their social platforms to stay tuned about their offerings and endeavours. Visit their website at or connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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