Cashless Revolution: The 15 Most Exciting Mobile Payments Startups in London

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London, England, is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the fintech sector. Mobile payments have been gaining significant traction in recent years, offering convenient and secure alternatives to traditional payment methods. In this article, we will explore and showcase 15 cutting-edge mobile payments startups based in London, each revolutionizing the way we transact and manage our finances.


Paycado is a fintech neobank that aims to provide affordable and innovative banking services. With a focus on apps, banking, blockchain, consumer lending, financial services, insurance, and wealth management, Paycado is poised to disrupt the traditional banking landscape.


Paysend is a financial technology platform that enables global money transfers using any Visa or Mastercard. Their mission is to make sending and receiving money worldwide simple and accessible. Paysend is quickly becoming a game-changer in the financial services and mobile payments industry.


FLEXDEV INC is an outsourcing software development company. Their expertise in consulting, information technology, legal matters, mobile payments, and software development makes them an ideal partner for startups looking to streamline their operations and create innovative payment solutions.

Techwisely Ltd

Techwisely Ltd offers the world’s first hands-free counterless checkout solution, eliminating the need for queues. With a focus on big data, loyalty programs, retail technology, and speech recognition, Techwisely is at the forefront of transforming the retail experience through seamless mobile payments.

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PayQin aims to simplify online payments for Africa. As a leader in e-commerce, financial services, and mobile payments, PayQin is bridging the gap and empowering businesses and individuals across the continent to participate in the global digital economy.

Pillar Project

Pillar Project provides a platform for managing identity and transacting in the emerging web3 digital economy. With a focus on asset management, blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and mobile payments, Pillar Project is driving the adoption of decentralized finance and secure digital transactions.


GivingStreets leverages blockchain technology to enable cashless donations. Their innovative approach to charity, crowdfunding, and mobile payments is revolutionizing how individuals and organizations contribute to social causes, providing transparency and accountability.


DGTL PAY specializes in payment data analytics and reporting. Their expertise in analytics, cryptocurrency, and mobile payments enables businesses to gain valuable insights into their payment processes and make data-driven decisions for enhanced performance.


Zilch is a buy now, pay later app that empowers customers to shop at any Mastercard-accepting merchant with no hidden costs. Zilch is transforming the traditional credit system and making it more accessible and transparent for users, revolutionizing the banking, financial services, and mobile payments industries.


xpate is a financial services company that provides innovative solutions for businesses. With a focus on finance, financial services, and mobile payments, xpate offers secure and efficient payment processing, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital economy.


Pedal offers a comprehensive SaaS mobile app that encompasses payments, parking, fleet management, insurance, and more. With a focus on the automotive industry, electric vehicles, mobile advertising, and mobile payments, Pedal is driving the future of mobility and redefining how we interact with our vehicles.

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OmniWire is a leading financial services provider offering payment gateway, money transfer, and prepaid card solutions to businesses. With a strong focus on mobile payments, OmniWire enables businesses to streamline their financial operations and offer seamless payment experiences to their customers.


Reflow provides an online platform that offers a wide range of financial services. Their expertise in finance, financial services, and mobile payments positions them as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses looking for secure and efficient financial solutions.


OhentPay is an online platform that enables fast and secure international payments at favorable rates. Their expertise in financial services and mobile payments makes them a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking convenient and cost-effective global payment solutions.


Converso is a telecom company that offers mobile payment and messaging services. With a focus on messaging, mobile payments, and telecommunications, Converso enables seamless communication and financial transactions for businesses and individuals alike.


These 15 mobile payments startups based in London are reshaping the financial landscape, offering innovative solutions to enhance convenience, security, and accessibility in financial transactions. From neobanks to payment analytics, these startups are driving digital transformation and revolutionizing how we interact with money. As the fintech sector continues to evolve, these London-based startups are at the forefront, propelling the mobile payments industry to new heights. Keep an eye on these exciting ventures as they shape the future of finance and mobile payments.

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