DOCK-Y’s Artificial Intelligence Technology for Micro-Mobility Devices

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As micro-mobility devices such as e-scooters, e-bikes, and other two-wheeled vehicles continue to gain popularity, the need for safer and smarter riding solutions increases. This is where DOCK-Y comes in – an innovative technology startup based in Warwick, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. DOCK-Y’s mission is to make micro-mobility safer, smarter and more secure using their sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Why DOCK-Y is Needed Now More Than Ever

With climate change and rising costs being two of the biggest issues facing modern society, micro-mobility devices have become an increasingly popular transportation option. However, the rise of shared bikes and e-scooters has led to a surge in accidents, with many riders suffering injuries or even fatalities. DOCK-Y aims to address this issue by providing an innovative technology solution that will not only increase rider safety but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

How DOCK-Y’s AI Technology Works

DOCK-Y’s AI technology uses computer vision, machine learning, and sensor fusion to detect hazards and help users ride safely on public roads. The technology collects ride data for analytics, which can assist shared micro-mobility providers, local authorities, and insurance companies to encourage safe user behavior. The technology is integrated into micro-mobility devices, using sensors and camera technology to detect the surroundings on the road. Advanced algorithms control speed, autonomously apply braking systems, and provide haptic and visual signals to the rider. A mobile app serves as a human-machine interface for the rider on the go, with additional features such as vehicle information display, maps, position tracking, parking, and other real-time notifications.

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The Unique Benefits of DOCK-Y’s Technology

What makes DOCK-Y’s technology unique is that it is applied using sensor fusion, custom embedded software/hardware, and power electronics to control the vehicle in a lean way, without using process-heavy and costly sensors. This technology addresses the ‘Three S’ of micro-mobility: safety, smartness, and security. DOCK-Y is revolutionizing the micro-mobility industry by providing riders with the safest and smartest micro-mobility devices on the market.


DOCK-Y’s technology is a game-changer for the micro-mobility industry. With their innovative AI technology, they are helping to create a safer and more sustainable future. As micro-mobility devices continue to advance and evolve, DOCK-Y will continue to be at the forefront of solving last-mile transportation problems.


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