Empowering Health: 15 UK mHealth Startups Changing the Game

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The healthcare industry has witnessed a significant transformation in recent years, thanks to the rise of innovative startups that leverage technology to address various challenges and improve patient care. In the United Kingdom, the mHealth (mobile health) sector is booming, with numerous startups making their mark. These companies are revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered and accessed, offering solutions that range from reproductive health to mental wellbeing, fitness, and more. In this article, we’ll showcase some of the most exciting mHealth startups in the UK.

ExSeed Health

ExSeed Health is a MedTech and Software company focused on the reproductive health space. Their mission is to empower individuals and couples with valuable insights into fertility and reproductive health. Through their innovative solutions, ExSeed Health aims to improve family planning and support people on their journey to parenthood.


Bounce is an AI-powered chatbot designed to promote employee mental wellbeing. By leveraging principles of positive psychology, Bounce provides personalized support and guidance to employees, helping them cope with stress and improve their overall mental health.


Fitlink is a workplace wellness solution that incentivizes and rewards staff for adopting healthy lifestyles. By integrating fitness activities into the work routine, Fitlink aims to create a healthier and more motivated workforce, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.


Plumm is a platform that offers 1:1 online therapy sessions and courses with certified and experienced mental health therapists. Their global network of therapists enables people to access mental health support conveniently and effectively.

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Umedeor is a company that streamlines the patient research process for healthcare providers. By automating clinical studies, Umedeor enables healthcare professionals to conduct research more efficiently, ultimately leading to improved patient care and medical advancements.

Taka Apps

Taka Apps specializes in digital therapeutics for movement disorders. Their solutions leverage mobile technology and neuroscience to assist patients in managing movement-related conditions effectively.

SaySo Medical

SaySo Medical is a digital communications agency that provides healthcare solutions. Their expertise lies in consulting and project management, helping healthcare organizations enhance their digital presence and patient engagement.

Re:Mind Studio

Re:Mind Studio is an open-access meditation studio offering 30-45 minute meditation classes. Through their mHealth platform, they aim to make meditation and personal development more accessible to people seeking mental and emotional well-being.

Bold Health

Bold Health is a specialty telemedicine company that provides integrative care for Gastrointestinal (GI) conditions. Their focus is on delivering best-in-class healthcare for patients with GI disorders, using cutting-edge technology and evidence-based approaches.


Promiser.pro offers an innovative approach to quitting addictions and improving personal health and finance. By using a cool and evidence-based approach, Promiser.pro motivates individuals to break free from harmful habits and live healthier lives.

Mindsafe Digital Ltd

Mindsafe Digital Ltd is an EdTech and mHealth startup focused on mental health. Through their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, they aim to improve mental health education and support for individuals and organizations.

Elephant Healthcare

Elephant Healthcare is on a mission to create a global digital health network, connecting every aspect of the healthcare ecosystem. By facilitating seamless communication and data exchange, they aim to enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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Highparks Medical Practice

Highparks Medical Practice offers a range of primary care services, including maternity care, travel vaccinations, and sickness certificates. Through their mHealth initiatives, they aim to improve patient access to healthcare services.


HealthHero provides remote access to experienced doctors and expert clinicians, allowing patients, insurance-policy holders, and employees to access healthcare services from the comfort of their homes. Their platform enhances accessibility and convenience for patients.

Tuli Health

Tuli Health is a digital health platform that offers instant access to private medical appointments and testing. Their user-friendly interface makes it easier for patients to manage their healthcare needs efficiently.


These mHealth startups in the United Kingdom are at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery and access. Through their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, they are revolutionizing how people manage their health and well-being. As the digital health landscape continues to evolve, these startups will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare in the UK and beyond.

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