From Archiving to Virtual Reality: Meet the 15 Hottest Video Startups in the UK

Exploring the Vibrant Video Startup Landscape in the United Kingdom.

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The United Kingdom is home to a burgeoning video startup scene, with innovative companies pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment, marketing, and technological advancements. These startups are transforming the way we consume, produce, and interact with videos. In this article, we showcase and explore 15 remarkable video startups that are shaping the industry in the UK.

FurShows: Archiving and Streaming for Anthropomorphic Enthusiasts

FurShows is a cultural archive and video hosting site catering to anthropomorphic fans. With aspirations to become a comprehensive streaming service, FurShows offers a platform for enthusiasts to explore and enjoy content related to anthropomorphic characters. The platform, founded by Jonathan Curley, aims to preserve and celebrate this unique form of art and storytelling.

Volta Media: Pioneering Video Production and Marketing Services

Volta Media is a dynamic startup providing comprehensive video production and marketing services. With a focus on delivering compelling and engaging visual content, Volta Media helps businesses and brands captivate their audience through high-quality videos. Their expertise in advertising and marketing ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that resonate with their target demographic.

Viewron: Community-Driven Video Platform for Knowledge Sharing

Viewron is a community-driven platform designed to share short, high-quality videos that answer common questions. Founded by Elin Malikzade and Fareed Baloch, Viewron encourages users to contribute their expertise and knowledge through engaging video content. By fostering a collaborative environment, Viewron has become a go-to resource for individuals seeking informative and concise answers.

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Big Smoke Fixers: London-Based Video Production Service Company

Big Smoke Fixers, based in London, is a reputable production service company specializing in video production for film and television. Their expertise extends to the food and beverage industry, where they deliver captivating visuals that showcase culinary experiences. With their unique blend of creativity and technical proficiency, Big Smoke Fixers ensures that clients’ visions are brought to life on screen.

3G Creative Studio Ltd: Blending Apps, Web, Video, Graphics, and Marketing

3G Creative Studio Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing apps, web development, video production, graphic design, and marketing. Founded by Adam Glover, this startup combines creativity and technical expertise to deliver compelling digital solutions across various platforms. Their ability to integrate video seamlessly into their projects sets them apart in the competitive market.

AlfaSage Ltd: Fueling Brand Marketing and Consumer Engagement

AlfaSage Ltd is the parent company of 20Hz, Swiss Summit Capital, and Hallmark Swiss. With a focus on brand marketing and consumer software, AlfaSage Ltd leverages online forums and video content to drive engagement. Their innovative approach to marketing allows brands to establish a strong online presence and connect with their target audience effectively.

RealTipper: Redefining Reviews and Tips through Video

RealTipper revolutionizes the review and recommendation industry by providing authentic advice through real video content. Founded by Idris Ali, this startup offers genuine tips and reviews to help consumers make informed decisions. RealTipper aims to bridge the gap between traditional written reviews and real-life experiences, enhancing the credibility and reliability of recommendations.

Pictium: Transforming Sports Engagement through Augmented Reality

Pictium is an iOS and Android application set to revolutionize the way sports fans, teams, clubs, and corporations communicate and experience sports. By leveraging augmented and virtual reality technologies, Pictium enhances the sports viewing experience, offering fans an immersive and interactive way to engage with their favorite teams and athletes.

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Pocket Sized Hands: Unlocking the Potential of XR Technologies

Pocket Sized Hands is a startup specializing in creating bespoke applications and games using the latest extended reality (XR) technologies. With a focus on augmented and virtual reality, Pocket Sized Hands pushes the boundaries of immersive experiences, offering innovative solutions across various industries, including mobile apps, online games, and software engineering.

Rezzil: Advancing Elite Football Player Development and Rehabilitation

Rezzil is a platform dedicated to elite football player development and rehabilitation. By utilizing augmented and virtual reality, Rezzil provides cutting-edge training and rehabilitation tools for professional athletes. Founded by Adam Dickinson, Andy Etches, and Gareth Thatcher, Rezzil is reshaping the way footballers train, recover, and improve their skills.

Synthesia: AI-Powered Video Avatar Platform for Multilingual Content Creation

Synthesia is an AI-powered video avatar platform that enables the creation of professional videos in multiple languages. By converting text into lifelike videos, Synthesia allows businesses and content creators to produce localized content efficiently. Founded by Lourdes Agapito, Matthias Niessner, and Steffen Tjerrild, Synthesia combines artificial intelligence with video editing to streamline content creation processes.

Hitmarker: Connecting Gaming Companies with Top Talent

Hitmarker is a gaming jobs platform that facilitates the hiring of high-quality talent within the gaming industry. With a focus on eSports and video game development, Hitmarker connects employers with skilled professionals seeking opportunities in the gaming sector. Founded by Philip Huggan, Hitmarker plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth and development of the gaming industry.

Vironic: Transforming Video Advertising through Programmatic Solutions

Vironic is a startup specializing in programmatic video advertising. With their expertise in mobile apps, TV, and video advertising, Vironic provides targeted and efficient advertising solutions to businesses. Co-founded by Dean Carni and Dima Os, Vironic optimizes ad campaigns, maximizing reach and engagement for their clients.

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Oryx Entertainment: Augmented and Virtual Reality for Web and Mobile

Oryx Entertainment is at the forefront of augmented and virtual reality development for web and mobile platforms. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Oryx Entertainment creates immersive experiences in the realms of mobile apps, MMO games, and virtual reality. Founded by Parik Panchal, Oryx Entertainment pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the digital entertainment industry.

Shock: Connecting People Through Location-Based Photo Sharing

Shock is a location-based photo sharing app that fosters connections between individuals worldwide. By allowing users to meet new people and engage in meaningful conversations, Shock combines the elements of apps, social media, and video to create a unique platform for visual storytelling. Founded by Bartosz Wawrzyniak and Patryk Nawrocki, Shock opens up a world of possibilities through visual communication.


The video startup ecosystem in the United Kingdom is thriving, with companies like FurShows, Volta Media, and Viewron spearheading innovation in their respective fields. These startups are leveraging advanced technologies, creative storytelling, and immersive experiences to reshape the digital entertainment landscape. Whether it’s through archiving cultural content, delivering exceptional video production services, or revolutionizing the way we share knowledge, these video startups are propelling the UK into an exciting future where video reigns supreme.

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