Get Ready to Explore: 15 Exciting Travel Startups Taking England by Storm

A Wealth of Innovation: Meet the Top Travel Startups in England.

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The world of travel is rapidly evolving, and England is at the forefront of this transformation with a plethora of innovative startups revolutionizing the tourism industry. From seamless travel management systems to immersive community-driven experiences, these ventures are redefining how we explore the world. In this article, we’ll showcase and explore fifteen exciting travel startups based in England, United Kingdom, that are making waves in the industry.

Sierra Global Solutions: Connecting World Events to a Targeted Audience

Sierra Global Solutions is a trailblazing startup aiming to build a community that connects world events to a targeted audience while offering travel business consultancy services. Their platform creates an engaging environment where travelers can discover unique experiences and businesses can reach their desired audience.

Butlerr: Simplifying Travel with an SMS Touch

Butlerr is an innovative startup that streamlines travel arrangements through the convenience of SMS. With just a text message, users can book flights, accommodations, and more. Their user-friendly approach brings simplicity and efficiency to leisure and travel planning.

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TimeAway: Enriching Family Holidays with Like-Minded Communities

TimeAway is a platform that enriches family holidays by providing tried and tested recommendations from like-minded moms. By fostering a community of experienced travelers, TimeAway ensures that families have access to valuable insights, making their trips memorable and hassle-free.

Tuki: Embracing the Sharing Economy in Tourism

Tuki is a pioneering tourism company specializing in travel, innovation, and the sharing economy. Their innovative approach leverages the power of the sharing economy to connect travelers with unique experiences and accommodations. Tuki is dedicated to promoting sustainable and authentic travel experiences.

amvigo: An Exclusive Membership Club for London’s Business Founders

amvigo’s Elite membership club caters to London’s business founders and C-suite executives. The virtual private club offers a range of tailored services, networking opportunities, and curated travel experiences. amvigo aims to create a community where entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, and grow.

wOndary: Connecting and Organizing Your Travel Experience

wOndary is a groundbreaking startup that connects all the dots of your travel journey. With their platform, users can save, organize, and share every aspect of their travel experiences. wOndary empowers travelers to create itineraries, save recommendations, and share memorable moments effortlessly.

Sweep: Revolutionizing Travel and Expenses Management for European SMEs

Sweep is on a mission to build the first end-to-end travel and expenses management system for European SMEs. Their comprehensive platform simplifies expense reporting, travel bookings, and policy compliance, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.

Huptown: Transforming Mobility Services with a User-Centric Approach

Huptown is a dynamic startup that aims to transform mobility services by focusing on the end-to-end travel experience. Through their innovative solutions, Huptown seeks to enhance user convenience, improve transportation options, and revolutionize the way people move and explore.

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Cargoholidays: Embarking on Unique Journeys via Freighters

Cargoholidays offers an extraordinary travel experience by providing the opportunity to travel around the world on freighters. With relatively affordable prices compared to traditional cruise ships, Cargoholidays allows adventurers to embark on unique journeys from one port to another.

tradechum: Connecting Buyers and Travelers for Hassle-Free Delivery

tradechum is a mobile application that connects individuals who want to buy items from abroad with travelers who can earn extra money by delivering those goods. This peer-to-peer delivery service simplifies international shopping by providing a seamless and reliable delivery network.

Experience Umrah: Enhancing the Pilgrimage Experience

Experience Umrah, a trading name of Five Star Travel & Tours Ltd, offers a unique travel agency service catering specifically to those embarking on Umrah pilgrimages. By providing expert guidance, exceptional services, and personalized experiences, Experience Umrah ensures a seamless and fulfilling journey for pilgrims.

Window Seater: Curated Stories for Travelers on the Move

Window Seater is an innovative startup that connects travelers in motion with the captivating world outside their windows. Through their mobile app, Window Seater delivers meticulously curated stories, providing an immersive and educational travel experience during various modes of transportation.

Sherpr: Effortless Door-to-Door Luggage and Equipment Shipping

Sherpr offers a hassle-free door-to-door service for shipping luggage, boxes, and sports equipment. Their convenient and reliable service ensures that travelers can enjoy a seamless journey without the burden of carrying heavy bags or equipment.

Packed: Empowering Group Travel with a Global Platform

Packed is building a global platform for group travel, empowering individuals and organizations to plan and execute memorable group adventures. With their innovative technology and extensive network, Packed aims to make group travel accessible, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

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Staylists: Curating Hotel Booking Experiences for Every Occasion

Staylists specializes in building curated hotel booking experiences for events, venues, national brands, and destinations. By combining their expertise in hospitality and technology, Staylists ensures that travelers find the perfect accommodation tailored to their specific needs.


The travel startup ecosystem in England is brimming with creativity and innovation, as demonstrated by these fifteen remarkable ventures. From reimagining travel management and delivery services to creating vibrant communities and immersive experiences, these startups are shaping the future of travel. As the tourism industry continues to evolve, England’s travel startups are poised to lead the way, providing exciting opportunities and transforming the way we explore and experience the world.

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