Guardians of Cyber Space: England’s Top 15 Security Startups

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, security has become a top priority for businesses and organizations across the globe. With cyber threats on the rise and technological advancements presenting new challenges, startups in the United Kingdom are at the forefront of developing innovative security solutions. In this article, we will showcase 15 fascinating security startups in England that are revolutionizing the way we approach cybersecurity, data protection, and risk management.

UCW Industries Ltd.

UCW Industries is a multifaceted startup that offers a comprehensive range of services in IoT prototyping, embedded systems programming, custom hardware design, IoT integration, and custom software development. With expertise spanning across cloud computing, enterprise software, and web development, UCW Industries is empowering businesses to harness the power of the Internet of Things securely and efficiently.

Crydent | Cloud and Support Solutions

Crydent is an IT solutions and services provider that offers 24/7 IT support, managed services, and modern cloud solutions to businesses in the UK. Their proficiency in cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and network security allows businesses to operate seamlessly while ensuring data safety and protection against potential threats.


Apomatix delivers active audit management software that conducts risk assessments and gap analysis. By combining compliance, cybersecurity, and risk management, this startup aids organizations in maintaining a strong security posture and meeting regulatory standards.

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Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger provides secure and compliant client chat services for businesses. With a focus on messaging, SaaS, and security, this startup facilitates efficient and confidential communication between businesses and their clients.


IDcheck specializes in biometric screening and KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions as a SaaS platform. Their expertise in identity management and compliance enables businesses to verify identities securely and efficiently.


CybSafe’s data analytics and behavioral security platform assist individuals in making informed security decisions. Their offerings in analytics and network security help organizations mitigate risks and reinforce cybersecurity awareness among their employees.


HiddenApp offers a B2B SaaS platform focused on IT asset management for Apple, PCs, and Chromebooks. With a strong emphasis on cybersecurity and network security, this startup helps businesses protect their valuable digital assets.


Meterian provides a straightforward way to assess the security of software components. Specializing in cybersecurity and enterprise software, this startup helps organizations identify and address vulnerabilities in their software.


Ohalo facilitates automated data governance for modern organizations. Combining expertise in cybersecurity, machine learning, and privacy, this startup empowers businesses to handle data securely and compliantly.

Cyber Covered

Cyber Covered is a web-based insurance company offering cyber security, data insurance, claims management, and payment services. With their focus on cybersecurity and risk management, businesses can safeguard themselves against potential threats and financial losses.


DebitShield excels in website development with a focus on cybersecurity. Their services help businesses build secure and resilient online platforms.


Darkbeam specializes in digital risk protection and tackling cyber threats. Their software solutions are designed to enhance an organization’s security posture and protect sensitive information.

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Smart City Operating System

Smart City Operating System provides an AI-powered centralised IoT automation platform for smart homes, businesses, and nations. With a focus on artificial intelligence, privacy, and smart cities, this startup is transforming the way urban environments are managed and secured.

Drone Defence

Drone Defence delivers smart secured airspace solutions, ensuring drones are used responsibly and safely. Their expertise in aerospace, artificial intelligence, and security contributes to a safer drone environment.


Goldilock specializes in data and critical infrastructure security. By combining cybersecurity, data storage, and identity management, this startup helps organizations protect their most valuable assets.


The United Kingdom is a hub of innovation, and these 15 security startups exemplify the nation’s dedication to safeguarding the future. With their cutting-edge technologies and solutions, they are empowering businesses to face the challenges of the digital age with confidence. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, these startups remain at the forefront of shaping a more secure and resilient future for businesses in England and beyond.

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