How Are UK’s Social Impact Startups Reshaping the Future Economy?

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The United Kingdom is a hotbed of social impact startups making strides in diverse sectors from e-commerce to fintech, and everything in between. These enterprises exemplify a shift towards socially conscious entrepreneurship and a growing recognition of the critical role businesses can play in addressing societal challenges. Below, we spotlight 15 promising UK-based social impact startups that are committed to making a positive difference.

The selected companies are not only laser-focused on driving growth and returns, but are equally committed to delivering tangible societal benefits. They represent the new era of “profit-with-purpose” businesses that are innovatively blending profitability with social impact. This breed of startups is proof that companies can remain commercially viable while significantly enhancing the world around them. Let’s dive in and learn about these game-changers.

The rich diversity of these enterprises lends itself to a broader conversation around social impact. Whether they’re developing smart canes for the visually-impaired or using blockchain for charity, these startups are leveraging ground-breaking technologies and solutions to address real-world issues. Read on to discover how they’re collectively reshaping the landscape of socially responsible entrepreneurship.


Buengo is a mobile app that facilitates the sale of unused items with the proceeds going to good causes. Founded by Alex Hancock and Fela Hughes, this startup is making a significant impact in the realms of charity, e-commerce, and sustainability.

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Co-Founders Alberto De Biasio and Alexandr Kulakov established FACE DONATE to bridge the divide between those in need and those willing to help. This social good network makes giving a more personalized and gratifying experience.

No LogoSphere

Focusing on social impact through next-gen market research, No LogoSphere provides critical insights for businesses. It was co-founded by Nicholas Guy, whose work is empowering businesses to make positive societal changes.


Tuki facilitates the sharing of team resources within trusted communities. Jordan Kupersmsith, Jorge Martins, and Udai Dhamija created this novel platform, driving positive change in human resources, recruiting, and social entrepreneurship.


Through its online tools and expert support, FUTRSMPL empowers purpose-driven entrepreneurs to develop effective marketing strategies. This SaaS platform blends marketing, social entrepreneurship, and social impact.

Epic Impact

Co-founded by Grant Calton and James Brown, Epic Impact offers a mobile app that encourages users to purchase ethical and sustainable products by rewarding them for their conscious consumerism.


Cryptograph combines art, auctions, and social impact using blockchain technology, offering unique digital collectibles that benefit charity in perpetuity. Edouard Bessire, Guillaume Gonnaud, and Hugo McDonaugh are the co-founders behind this innovative startup.


Goodsted, founded by Selin Yigitbasi-Ducker, uses its digital platform to engage employees and stakeholders in furthering social and environmental goals, all while monitoring and reporting on impact.

Platform Housing Group

Affordable housing is a pressing social issue that Platform Housing Group is addressing. The non-profit organization provides affordable housing and support services to local communities.

Supply Change

Addressing the integral role of supply chains in various industries, Supply Change acts as a bridge, connecting social enterprises with procurement teams to create sustainable workplaces.

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The NGO Whisperer

The NGO Whisperer, founded by Carolyne Akinyi, provides comprehensive services including resource mobilization, project management, risk management, and marketing for NGOs, simultaneously boosting their impact and effectiveness.

Wellbeing Economy Alliance

With a vision to change global economic systems, Wellbeing Economy Alliance operates as a worldwide collaboration, fostering a sharing economy that promotes societal well-being.


The innovative startup Pynk, co-founded by Mark Little, Seth Ward, and Zack Yurtsever, uses crowdsourced predictions along with artificial intelligence to enable more informed investment decisions, leading the way in social impact investing.

Project MVP

Co-founders Lee Harrison and Matthew Clement’s Project MVP leverages data analytics in the health and fitness industry to promote healthier living and wellbeing through personalized insights.


WeWALK develops a smart cane to aid the visually-impaired. Co-founders Gokhan Mericliler and Kürşat Ceylan are using assistive technology to positively impact the lives of the visually impaired community.

The above companies represent the sheer diversity and potential of social impact startups in the United Kingdom. Through their creativity, innovation, and commitment to social good, these startups are redefining what it means to be a successful business. They serve as shining examples for future entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful difference in society while also achieving business success.

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