How Does Insurance Mediation Affect Property Claim Success in the UK?

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For property owners in the UK, insurance claims can often become a stressful and time-consuming process. Understanding the role of insurance mediation in property claim success is essential for property owners to get the compensation they deserve. In the spotlight this week is a UK-based startup, Property Claim Assist, renowned for its insurance mediation services provided to homeowners, business owners, and landlords.

Property Claim Assist is conveniently situated in Maidstone, Kent, but its services reach clients across the country. Founders James Edward and Henry Scott launched the company in 2018 with the aim of stepping in to support clients during insurance claim negotiations. The primary focus: ensuring property owners get the compensation they deserve from their insurance companies without getting caught in prolonged arguments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Property Claim Assist is a renowned startup providing insurance mediation services in the UK.
  • The company’s skilled team negotiates with loss adjusters on behalf of the property owners to secure fair compensations.
  • The startup is aiming to change the landscape of property insurance claims for the better.

What differentiates Property Claim Assist in the insurance industry is their devotion to their clients’ best interests. Whereas loss adjusters are usually paid by insurance companies, Property Claim Assist steps into the arena as a totally independent loss assessor, ensuring that their priorities lie solely with their clients’ needs. They eliminate the hassle property owners face when negotiating insurance claims, positioning their dedicated team against loss adjusters to guarantee fair compensations.

Moreover, the company does not work in isolation. They make conscious efforts to provide education and awareness among property owners about the intricacies of insurance claims. As a result, homeowners, business owners, and landlords are armed with the requisite knowledge to protect their properties and successfully manage their insurance claims.

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Looking towards the future, Property Claim Assist plans to continue expanding its reach and influence throughout the UK. With an unwavering commitment to advocacy for property owners, the revolutionising startup is poised to shift the dynamics of the property insurance industry for the better.

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