Is AI the Key to Building an Efficient, Future-Proof Construction Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The construction industry is ripe for the application of AI and machine learning for savings and efficiency with Contilio leading the front.
  • Contilio utilizes 3D AI analytics to provide real-time actionable intelligence on construction progress and predictive KPIs.
  • The unique solution offered by Contilio has the potential to normalize “on-track” and “on budget” projects in the $12T construction industry.
  • With Contilio’s innovative platform, real-time payments are made possible, offering new operational efficiencies to traditional construction approaches.

Advanced technology platforms are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to bring unprecedented disruption to various industries. One area that stands to significantly benefit from these advancements is the construction industry. With over $12Tn at stake worldwide, a London-based startup, Contilio, is innovating the sector by delivering real-time actionable intelligence and predictive analytics through their 3D AI analytics platform.

Contilio was founded by Zara Riahi with a grand mission to make “on-track” and “on-budget” the new normal for the construction industry. By offering a world-first 3D AI analytics platform, Contilio is striving to unlock millions in savings and efficiencies for construction projects.

The major differential for Contilio lies in its employment of 3D AI to provide real-time and predictive insights. Not only does this platform analyse progress and installation quality but it also anticipates future Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In doing so, Contilio unlocks financial efficiencies and optimises project timelines, making it a highly valuable tool in the arsenal of construction companies, asset owners, and financiers alike.

Additionally, Contilio’s solution is user-friendly and adaptable. Despite the complexity of the analytics being performed, the results are delivered in a comprehensive and simple-to-use format, maximising uptake and facilitating quick decision-making.

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The future of Contilio and the construction industry it serves appears exceedingly bright. With AI technology like Contilio’s, companies can optimise their operations, save cost, and streamline payments. The innovative AI solution is poised to radically transform the way construction projects are managed and executed in the future. The adoption of AI and machine learning in this sector will inevitably lead to enhanced project efficiency, quality, and cost management.

Led by forward-thinking leaders and working with various industry stakeholders, Contilio can shape the future of the construction industry. Readers interested in learning more about Contilio can visit their website or connect with them via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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