Is Blockchain Revolutionising Accessibility and Authenticity in the Art E-Commerce Industry?

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Key Takeaways:
  • Artscapy is revolutionising the accessibility and authenticity in the art E-commerce industry using blockchain technology.
  • The platform simplifies the art buying process, tracks value changes, verifies authenticity and provenance of artworks, and overall enables a smooth end-to-end collecting journey.
  • Based in London, England, Artscapy fosters an online art community, on a mission to democratize the art world and transform it digitally.

The growing buzz around blockchain is not just limited to cryptocurrencies anymore, it’s shaking up industries far and wide – even the art world. Artscapy, a startup based in London, is demonstrating the transformative effect blockchain can bring to the art E-commerce landscape. With a focus on digital transformation and democratization of the art world, Artscapy is stepping up to be a game-changer in this evolving arena.

Artscapy innovatively combines the online marketplace model with blockchain technology to create a community platform that makes buying art safer and more accessible. Literally turning the traditional art industry on its head, this online platform sets out to rectify the hurdles encountered by art lovers and collectors, such as barriers to entry and a largely opaque marketplace.

What sets Artscapy apart is its careful curation of contemporary art collection and its blockchain-assisted services that cater to every step of the buyer’s journey. The business’ platform offers customers access to a range of services; from acquiring museum-caliber contemporary art to managing the value change of the collection, verifying the authenticity, and tracking the provenance of their artworks. It’s clear that Artscapy is levelling the playing field by offering insights and information that was once largely unattainable by novice collectors and art enthusiasts.

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Moreover, Artscapy’s focus on transparency and accessibility does not end at service provision. The startup is equally committed to cultivating an online community space for art aficionados, where members can learn from each other, share their experiences, and enhance their appreciation of the art world.

Artscapy sits at the intersection of art and technology, which positions it well for the future, especially as more art followers, collectors, and dealers turn to digital platforms. Its dedicated consolidation of blockchain technology and community-centric approach provides it with the tools to disrupt the way we buy art, which could pave the way for a more inclusive and transparent art industry.

With companies like Artscapy, the future of art world seems more accessible, transparent, and exciting than ever before. The revolution is off to a promising start and we’re thrilled to watch its journey. Keep a close eye on the company and its news here, or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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