Is Blockchain the Future of Diamond Traceability and Industry Trust?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tracr is a blockchain-based platform designed to trace diamonds, improving transparency and trust within the diamond industry.
  • The startup utilises an innovative technology stack which enables users to retain ownership of their data and share it selectively.
  • Developed by diamond market leader, De Beers, Tracr is the first organization that can securely track a diamond across the value chain, from mine to cutter, then polisher, and finally to the jeweller.
  • By providing a wealth of accurate information about each stone’s journey, Tracr could revolutionise not only the diamond industry but add value to other sectors requiring complex supply chain tracking.

Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend; they are also precious commodities utilised in industries ranging from jewellery to electronics. Yet, tracking the complex journey of a diamond from a mine to the market has long been challenging. Step in Tracr, an innovative startup based in London that provides a blockchain-powered platform aimed at establishing a baseline of trust in the diamond industry.

Developed by De Beers, one of the world’s most prominent diamond companies, Tracr is using revolutionary technology to improve transparency in the diamond industry. It promises to transform the way diamonds are traced from mine to market, thus presenting an effective, reliable solution to combat illicit diamond trading and counterfeiting.

What sets Tracr apart from other blockchain platforms is its innovative use of technology to provide traceability while respecting the privacy of its users. The platform enables users to retain complete ownership of their data, deciding when and who to share it with. This ensures that while each diamond’s journey can be traced, sensitive proprietary information remains secure.

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Moreover, Tracr’s uniqueness is not just confined to its technology or its role in the diamond industry. The platform provides opportunities for industry participants and third-party developers to develop custom applications, thereby spawning a rich application ecosystem that further innovates the industry.

The potential of Tracr’s unique proposition extends beyond the diamond industry. Other sectors that involve complex supply chains – from agriculture to electronics – can also benefit from the technology Tracr has developed. Therefore, while Tracr is undoubtedly transforming diamond traceability today, its growth in the future could well shape a multitude of industries.

From pioneering blockchain technology in the diamond industry to potentially transforming worldwide supply chains, Tracr represents an exciting blend of innovation, responsibility, and potential. For more information, visit the company’s official website at or connect with them on LinkedIn at

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