Is Blockchain Transforming the Landscape of EdTech & E-Learning in London?

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Key takeaways:

  • London-based startup is utilising blockchain technology to transform the landscape of E-Learning and EdTech.
  • Through gamified learning and tutoring, provides a unique and engaging learning experience.
  • The platform emphasizes academic honesty and integrity, primarily using the proof of study protocol.
  • Nationally recognized and internationally accredited certifications are attainable via the self-executing smart contracts inbuilt on the platform.
  • The future of and its industry looks promising with rapid technology advancements and globalisation.

Education technology (EdTech) is increasingly becoming a transformative force in the world of education, particularly in the United Kingdom. Innovations in this sector are rapidly aligning with the learning capabilities and demands of the 21st century student. A significant innovative startup facilitating this revolution is Based in London, this company is defining the forefront of EdTech through the employment of blockchain technology in its e-learning platforms. is an education platform that creates a gamified learning and tutoring environment for its users. The blockchain-based Massive Open Online Course (MOOC++), PEDAGOG, allows users to learn online while optimizing their ability to earn verified, nationally recognized, and internationally accredited certifications. With technology taking forefront in education, offers a progressive way of learning.

Three key differentials set apart from its competitors. Firstly, it utilizes principles of learning from cognitive psychology to create engaging, efficient, and effective methods of disseminating knowledge. Secondly, emphasizes academic honesty and integrity through the use of a proof of study protocol. The protocol keeps track of learning progress and ensures that every piece of knowledge gained is thoroughly understood and honest. Thirdly, has adopted self-executing smart contracts that enable learners to earn certified skills while learning, providing an optimized User Experience (UX).

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Yet another distinguishing factor is the creation of its native credit system which forms the backbone of its learning environment. Users are able to earn credits based on their learning pace and performance, making education not just a passive activity, but a reward-driven endeavor. The platform has been created and operated by eminent educators such as Dr Jatin Anand, Dr Yao Lang Chang, and Professor Dr Edward Roy Krishnan.

Evidently,’s utilization of blockchain technology is playing a significant role in the transformation of EdTech and e-learning landscape. Considering the continuous advancements in technology and the need for flexibility in learning, is poised to significantly influence the way we learn in the future. Platforms like will increasingly become indispensable as learning transcends traditional barriers and becomes a global phenomenon.

In conclusion,’s future seems promising. With its emphasis on academic honesty and its innovative blend of blockchain technology with cognitive psychology, the startup is offering a unique and efficient method of learning. To stay in touch with their updates, follow them on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms or visit their official website at As we move forward, the fusion of tech and education via platforms like is set to revolutionise learning, making it engaging, accessible, and globally recognized.

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