Is Collaboration the Future of Art, Design and E-commerce in the UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • London-based startup, Commissionit, is leveling up the e-commerce scenario in the UK, creating a collaborative platform for artisans and those seeking commissioned works & personalised gifts.
  • The company is not only incentivising creativity but also actively giving 50% of their affiliate sales commission to Charities & Social Enterprises.
  • The Social Enterprise gives priority to “People & Planet before Profits”, significantly contributing to the community with 51% of their total profits.

The UK has always been a thriving marketplace for the arts, boasting a rich heritage and diverse talent. The digital age has only added to this by creating exciting new avenues for artists to create and sell their works. Enter, Commissionit – a London-based startup that is pioneering a radical shift in the realms of art, design and e-commerce. Founded by Amin Saleem, Commissionit takes the concept a step further: it connects artisans with individuals, companies, and organizations seeking commissioned works & personalised gifts.

But Commissionit isn’t just any online marketplace. This innovative platform is in fact both an art and a social enterprise. By shopping through Commissionit’s ever-expanding online shop, consumers contribute to good causes. The company pledges a dynamic 50% of its affiliate sales commission to charities and social enterprises. Meaning, depending on your shopping total, between 1.5 and 5% of that is actively helping causes we all care about.

It’s not just the platform’s unique business model that sets Commissionit apart. The startup’s dedication to nurturing creativity and inclusivity is also noteworthy. The platform hosts a diverse range of artisans from various industries such as fine arts, interior and product design. The ecosystem fosters collaborations, enabling consumers to commission bespoke pieces – from art for their homes, personalised gifts or large commercial orders.

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It’s refreshing to see a startup thinking beyond profits. The notable aspect of Commissionit’s operation is its ethical commitment. As a Social Enterprise, it gives precedence to people and planet by contributing 51% of their profits to charities and social enterprises. This covers everything from art commissions to commercial orders for corporates and commercial clients.

With their innovative entrepreneurial venture, Commissionit is demonstrably encouraging collaboration. It’s therefore shaping the future of art, design and e-commerce in the UK. The startup is not only carving out a new niche within the market but is also actively reshaping the landscape. Its commitment to supporting local artisans and promoting a more sustainable, ethical e-commerce industry is commendable.

Furthermore, Commissionit’s model certainly delivers a promising perspective for the future of the art, design and e-commerce industry. By bringing the power of art into the hands of the public and aligning it with good causes, the startup is wonderfully syncing with growing consumer demands for sustainable and ethical practices. To keep up with Commissionit, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or visit their website.

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