Is Construction & Property Investment Industry Being Revolutionised by FinTech Development?

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Key Takeaways:

  • URECO Property is revolutionising the property investment industry with a FinTech approach.
  • The London-based startup uniquely blends expertise in construction with investment for the benefits of its investors.
  • URECO’s co-investment model ensures complete accountability and transparency.
  • The future of property development and investment is set to be transformed by FinTech innovation.

The landscape of property investment and real estate development is undergoing a transformative shift, largely triggered by the proliferation of new generation financial technologies or FinTech solutions. Breaking from the traditional frameworks, a new breed of startups is emerging, drawing a perfect blend between construction expertise and tech-driven investment approaches. Prominently among these startups is London-based URECO Property.

Established in 2018, URECO is an owner-managed property investment firm that acts as a bridge between the construction industry and investment, providing clients with a unique blend of specialised services. The core of URECO’s operations is driven by an ethical and transparent approach, ensuring best possible returns for its investors.

What sets URECO apart in this landscape is its innovative co-investment model. This approach entails the company investing its own capital into every project it undertakes. Apart from instilling trust and confidence among its investors, it provides the startup a competitive edge by charging zero fees and garnering benefits solely from a share of the project’s profits. This effectively serves the startup’s mission of putting its investors first and maintaining accountability for the capital entrusted to them.

Alongside its investment model, URECO’s success is also integral to its expertise in real estate development. The company strategically identifies potential properties for development, offering end-to-end project management. This integrated approach effectively eliminates the need for investors to navigate the complexities of the property market, thereby facilitating seamless investments.

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Looking towards the future, URECO Property potentially paves the way for a new wave in the property investment industry. With the power of FinTech, it is transforming how capital is allocated, managed, and ultimately profited from. This not only spells a new era in prop-tech but also underlines how financial know-how can be fused with conventional industries to deliver effective and profitable solutions.

To learn more about URECO Property and keep track of their endeavours, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

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