Is E-Commerce and FinTech Investment the Future of Venture Capital?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Industry insiders are seeing a shift towards investing in FinTech and E-Commerce ventures, which may shape the future trends in Venture Capital.
  • Digital Horizon, a London-based international investment company, is leading the wave focussing on these sectors, with a unique blend of a venture fund and a venture builder.
  • The strategic position and expertise the company utilizes to identify promising projects and to create breakthrough innovations bode well for its success and future growth.

With the surging popularity of e-commerce and financial technology (FinTech), venture capital investment in these sectors is gaining momentum faster than ever before. As the digitalisation of both consumer behavior and financial transactions proceed at an accelerating pace, the question arises whether e-commerce and FinTech investments might be the future of Venture Capital. This question is not just academic, but one that investors and entrepreneurs are grappling with to define and shape their strategies.

A shining example in this evolving landscape is Digital Horizon, an international investment company nestled in the heart of London. Founded by Alan Vaksman in 2018, Digital Horizon cleverly merges the roles of a venture fund and a venture builder. In addition to investing in promising startups, the company is also involved in creating disruptive projects across multiple industry verticals.

Digital Horizon differentiates itself with its unique sector-specific expertise and wide-spanning network. Their venture fund invests primarily in early-stage startups that have promising workable solutions in financial services, e-commerce, education, and enterprise software. The venture builder, on the other hand, is responsible for crafting monumental projects in finance, retail, marketing, and media industry. This dual-involvement gives them an edge to not just recognize potential investment opportunities but to also steer the direction of innovation.

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The venture builder model utilized by Digital Horizon facilitates creation and development of new solutions that could potentially reshape the industries they focus on. This makes them a central player in these sectors, proving their grasp on the bearing and progression of these industries.

As we move into the future, it’s clear that e-commerce and FinTech are not only transforming the way businesses operate, but also how they are funded. Digital Horizon is placing itself at the forefront of this development and, with its innovative practices and strong strategic positioning, undoubtedly has exciting prospects ahead.

Should you want to keep an eye on this remarkable company’s journey, check out their website, LinkedIn profile, and stay tuned for updates on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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