Is Freelance Social Recruiting the Future of Instant Professional Support?

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Key Takeaways

  • Pikkpro is a new Manchester-based startup revolutionizing the professional networking and recruitment industry
  • The platform offers immediate access to professionals for guidance and support via video chat, potentially reshaping how individuals seek professional help
  • Social recruitment and freelance represent a growing trend that might pave the way for instant professional support
  • Pikkpro’s innovative service is setting the company up to be a major player in the industry’s future developments

In the heart of Manchester, a startup named Pikkpro is challenging the way we connect with professionals across various fields. Founded by Princely Samuel-Okere, the company is exploring new horizons in the freelance, professional networking, and social recruiting sectors. Pikkpro aims to be your go-to spot for instant support on everyday challenges, connecting those in need of assistance with professionals and experts via video chat.

This innovative approach provides immediate accessibility unlike traditional professional consultations. By leveraging the power of technology, Pikkpro is able to offer a bridge between individuals needing help and professionals ready to offer their expertise, knowledge, and solutions.

What differentiates Pikkpro from other startups in the same field is the immediacy and accessibility it offers. Many platforms focus on connecting freelancers with long-term projects or jobs. Pikkpro, however, is built specifically to connect professionals and individuals in need of instant help and guidance. Facing an immediate computer trouble? You can connect with an IT expert in real-time. Seeking immediate business advice? There’s an experienced entrepreneur ready to help.

Moreover, the use of video chat makes the interaction personal and real-time, enhancing the quality of the support provided. This is not just an alternative to traditional recruitment, social networking or professional counseling. Instead, it is an innovative method which may very well represent the next evolutionary step in these fields.

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Looking into the future of Pikkpro and the industry it resides, the rapid evolution of remote communication tools and shift towards a more remote and freelance-focused workforce sets the company up for potential success. Freelance Social Recruiting can be seen as a growing trend, and with Pikkpro leading the way, it might well be the future of instant professional support.

For more information about what Pikkpro offers, visit their website or follow them on their social accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep an eye on this exciting startup as it contributes to shaping the future of professional networking and recruitment.

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