Is Frozen Fizzy the Revolutionary Beverage Category Defining the UK Market?

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Key Takeaways

  • Skwishee is a Scottish startup that’s revolutionizing the beverage industry with its innovative ‘Frozenated’ (Frozen Fizzy) drinks.
  • The Prime focus of the company’s marketing strategy is towards the end consumers, they are utilizing event-led marketing to build traction.
  • Just 9 months into the roll out, Skwishee already has machines installed in 90+ sites and is in discussions with national operators like Spar UK, Co-op, RoadChef and others.

Answering the question, “Is Frozen Fizzy the Revolutionary Beverage Category Defining the UK Market?” – a Scottish startup is making quite the waves. Say hello to Skwishee, the fastest growing frozenated drinks company in the UK. Headquartered in Markinch, Fife, Skwishee has provided a unique twist to the beverage sector, by introducing fizzy slush drinks.

The company doesn’t conform to conventional marketing strategy and instead focuses on their end consumers. This unconventional approach involves heavy emphasis on event-led marketing such as ‘Free Skwishee Days’, and ‘BYO Cup Day’. These strategies have significantly increased Skwishee’s consumer recognition throughout the UK.

What sets Skwishee apart is its innovative product and unique marketing strategy. The brand’s creation of a frozen fizzy drink presents an exciting novelty in an otherwise plateaued beverage industry. Moreover, Skwishee nods to popular culture, capturing consumers’ interest with their attractive packaging and involved community events.

The focus on experiential marketing – creating memorable events around the product has certainly helped their quest for differentiation. Such a customer-centric model has proven effective, resulting in Skwishee’s rapid installation of machines in over 90 sites throughout the UK, and piqued interests from several national operators such as Spar UK and Co-op.

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The future appears promising for Skwishee with plans to further extend into the mainstream retail and concession spaces. If the initial consumer response is any indicator, Skwishee might just be the beverage revolution that the UK market has been waiting for.

With further plans to expand their reach and scope, the future of ‘frozenated’ drinks looks bright and fizzy. Keep an eye on this innovative startup, or even better, try a Skwishee for yourself. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to join the ‘Frozen Fizzy Revolution’.

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