Is Manchester’s LGBT+ Privacy-Focused Online Network the Future of Social Media?

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In the realm of social networking, privacy has become a contentious issue which has led to skepticism and distrust among users. Manchester-based startup Flokkr is attempting to address this issue by offering a privacy-focused, forum-based social network exclusively for the LGBT+ community. Combining elements of dating, forums, and a social network, Flokkr aims to provide a safe online space to connect, communicate, and build relationships.

Founded by Nick Singleton, Flokkr is designed to provide fun and meaningful connections with like-minded gay, bi, trans and queer adults on a local and global scale. Additionally, it accommodates LGBT+ businesses with its ‘Flokkr Places’, a local business directory and gay travel guide, tailored to the needs of the community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manchester-based startup Flokkr created a privacy focused, LGBT+ social network
  • It combines features of dating, forums, and social networking
  • Flokkr Places offers a local business directory and gay travel guide for the LGBT+ community
  • Founder Nick Singleton may have created an industry solution to privacy concerns within social media

The unique selling point of Flokkr rests on its treasured privacy features. Unlike many mainstream social networks that exploit user data for commercial gains, Flokkr guarantees respect for user privacy. This is a crucial aspect in a world where data leaks and privacy breaches headline news now more than ever. The platform not only addresses the privacy concerns common in the digital domain, but also the desire among many in the LGBT+ community to connect with like-minded individuals in a secure space.

The comprehensive integration of various services within Flokkr sets it apart from its competitors. Not only does it function as a social network, but it also serves as a dating platform and includes ‘Flokkr Places’, a local business directory and gay travel guide. This multifaceted approach positions Flokkr as a holistic platform catering to multiple needs of the LGBT+ community.

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Looking towards the future, Flokkr has the potential to revolutionise the social media industry, as it addresses both the privacy concerns and the need for a tailored network for the LGBT+ community. The innovative startup offers an alternative to mainstream social networks, setting a standard for privacy commitment.

The future of the social media industry will perhaps witness more niche networks like Flokkr, each addressing a specific need or community, but all carrying a common thread of respecting user privacy. Connect with Flokkr via their Twitter, Facebook, and Website.

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