Is Mesh Networking Revolutionising the Internet of Things in the Software Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Viablegrid aims to revolutionise IoT through the use of Mesh Networking.
  • Mesh Networking allows devices to connect and interact despite varying languages or platforms.
  • The technology is entirely decentralised and can grow organically.
  • Viablegrid has established a close partnership with Google’s “Nearby” team.

The internet of things (IoT) continues to change the way users and companies interact with devices across the world. Through everyday items such as coffee machines or thermostats, society is moving towards a connected world. Here, we investigate Viablegrid, an innovative startup aiming to turn this vision into reality with their disruptive technology.

Located in London, UK, Viablegrid creates connections using the Bluetooth Low Energy Grid. They work offline, are easily integrated and cost little to use. Essentially, Viablegrid’s technology targets to connect A to B in the most seamless and efficient way possible, regardless of their different platforms or languages.

So, what sets Viablegrid apart? The answer lies in their pioneering use of Mesh Networking. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Thread devices within their network act as nodes to relay or receive data. This creates a decentralised Mesh Network. These networks are notable for their adaptability and organic growth, with Viablegrid’s technology being unstoppable in its distribution.

Further differentiating Viablegrid is their particular focus on software solutions, sufficiently tested with hardware. They have eliminated the need for infrastructure development and capital expenditure. Additionally, with a close partnership with Google’s “Nearby” team, they are perfectly positioned to push the boundaries of Mesh Networking within IoT.

Looking towards the future, Viablegrid promises to play a definitive role in revolutionising IoT within the software industry. Their decentralised, universal Mesh Networks could potentially pave the way for a new era of connected devices. Their forward-thinking approach combined with the robust technological foundation could indeed reshape the landscape.

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Find out more and join the revolution by visiting Viablegrid’s website at You can also follow them on Twitter at and connect with them on LinkedIn at Join us in closely watching how Viablegrid’s Mesh Networking innovations evolve in the coming years.

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