Is Serving High Street Deals the Next Big Trend in E-commerce Marketing?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Exclusive Rewards is an innovative startup focusing on e-commerce marketing through tangible high street benefits.
  • The company offers a wide array of cashback, voucher codes, and deals with various local businesses, effectively turning high street deals into ecommerce opportunities.
  • Their business model incorporates the appeal of local, physical businesses with the convenience and reach of online marketing.
  • Exclusive Rewards also offers white-label websites for organisations to extend their rewards to customers, employees or members.
  • This innovation could be the next big trend in ecommerce marketing, merging online and offline markets.

Exclusive Rewards, a Southport-based start-up, is pushing the boundaries of conventional e-commerce practices and proving that there may be more to e-commerce marketing than it first appears. In the digital age where online businesses are replacing traditional physical stores, Exclusive Rewards is providing a fusion of the two, proving that high street deals have a significant place in the ecommerce market.

The startup offers a free-to-join rewards program that gives its members cashbacks, voucher codes and deals from both online and high street retailers. From bars and restaurants to dry cleaners and carpet fitters, they have an extensive range of deals from various businesses members can benefit from, illustrating the potential of high streets deals in ecommerce marketing.

Setting them apart from similar start-ups is their unique approach to integrating the familiarity of high street deals into the vast, limitless e-commerce platform. Exclusive Rewards is showcasing how online and offline consumer markets can be seamlessly blended, thereby extending the outreach for high street businesses and introducing a new arena for ecommerce marketing.

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Furthermore, they offer white-label websites, which offers organisations – charities, accountants, and high profile football clubs alike – to have fully branded rewards portals. The platform is an intuitive way of gifting customers, employees, or members, making it a desirable venture for organisations looking to build their profile and promote loyalty.

In conclusion, Exclusive Rewards is paving the way for an exciting future in ecommerce marketing. By seamlessly merging high street deals into ecommerce marketing, they create a unique way for businesses to grow while rewarding their customers. With this innovative approach, the progression of Exclusive Rewards in the UK market could signify the start of an interesting future for both high street enterprises and ecommerce marketing.

For more information about Exclusive Rewards, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn. This forward-thinking approach could mark a turning point in how businesses approach marketing, not just digitally but also with a renewed focus on tangible, local benefits.

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