Is TAB Revolutionizing the Traditional Lending Landscape in Commercial Real Estate?

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Key takeaways:

  • TAB is revolutionising the traditional lending landscape in the commercial real estate sector.
  • The startup has created a lending model with the flexibility to take into account a wider range of the borrower’s circumstances.
  • Launching in early 2018, TAB fills a gap where traditional lenders’ more rigid criteria often fail.
  • Through varied funding sources, TAB can finance a diverse range of property projects.

The Commercial Real Estate industry is seeing a revolution in the way loans are disbursed, courtesy of London-based startup, TAB. Founded in early 2018 by Duncan Kreeger, TAB has been challenging the norm in the traditional lending landscape of the real estate sector. The founders realised that many promising property projects did not fit well within the rigid, often computer-generated funding criteria of traditional lenders, leading to a gap in the marketplace.

TAB is filling this gap by offering short term bridging loans for property projects. The lending model they have designed is flexible, recognising a need for a lender understanding the specific requirements around bridging loans. TAB brings to the picture, a swift transaction process while maintaining a prudent approach to risk.

What sets TAB apart is its focus on understanding the wider spectrum of a borrower’s circumstances rather than just adhering to a strict set of criteria. The financial services startup realises that each borrower, each project is different, with unique requirements and circumstances that traditional rigid lending models often fail to account for. This level of understanding and empathy towards its clients strategically positions TAB as an ideal lender in the industry.

Further, TAB’s funding sources are diverse, arranging from institutions to individuals. This wide variety of funds allows them to cater to a more diverse range of projects, leading to a greater number of successful deals and satisfied clients. By leveraging this innovative and flexible financial approach, TAB is reinventing the lending model in real estate, making it more accessible and valuable to a broader clientele.

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Looking ahead, TAB promises to continue driving innovation in Commercial Real Estate and financial services. As barriers continue to come down, it’s exciting to see companies like TAB pushing the boundaries for a better, more flexible future in the lending landscape. The industry can certainly anticipate more breakthroughs that cater to the unique financial needs and circumstances of more clients.

For further information, check out TAB’s website at or follow them on their socials at: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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