Is This New Real-Time Data Platform Revolutionising the UK Cloud Computing Sector?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Quix is a London-based startup revolutionising the cloud computing sector with its in-memory data stream processing platform.
  • Provides time and cost-efficient pipelines, AI model training on real-time data, and customised frontends sans complicated infrastructure.
  • The platform’s uniqueness lies in its real-time data processing and machine learning integration.
  • Founded by Michael Rosam, Tomáš Neubauer, Peter Nagy, and Patrick Pedrol in 2022.


Quix, a UK startup, is bridging the gap between real-time data processing and cloud computing and making headlines in the cloud computing sector. Established in 2022 by Michael Rosam, Tomáš Neubauer, Peter Nagy, and Patrick Pedrol, Quix is headquartered in the heart of London. Their core proposition is a server-less real-time data platform designed to support back-end application and data processing services.

Designed for data engineers, developers, and data scientists, Quix provides an end-to-end platform focusing on streaming time-series data. The platform is further enriched with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Without the need for complicated infrastructure, clients can now build robust pipelines, train AI models on real-time data, and craft custom frontends to display their work.


What sets Quix apart is its commitment to real-time data processing. The real-time back-end application and data processing services they provide revolutionise the way data-driven applications are built, moving them away from traditional methods and closer to streamlined efficiency. By focusing on time-series data streaming, Quix allegedly elevates the data processing game to a higher level.

The integration of machine learning and AI capabilities provides an additional edge. It empowers clients to exploit the benefits of AI and ML without the need for a sophisticated, intricate infrastructure— saving both time and cost. Consequently, this makes Quix an appealing choice for many in the IT and cloud computing industry.

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As it stands, Quix undoubtedly marks a transformative step forward in the UK’s cloud computing and IT industry. By offering a solution that combines real-time data handling with machine learning and AI, the startup is paving a new path in the sector. With its unique, innovative approach, Quix seems set on becoming a significant player in the industry.

Moving forward, the future looks promising both for Quix and for the global cloud computing industry. The market is ripe for innovative solutions, and the profound applications and potential efficiencies that Quix offers are likely to revolutionise the sector further. Find out more about Quix on their website, or follow their updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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