Join the Hype: 15 Association Startups Making Waves in England

Uniting Innovation and Purpose: 15 Inspiring Association Startups.

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In recent years, England has seen a surge in innovative startups that are not only changing the way we do business but also making a positive impact on society. These association startups, driven by passionate founders, are creating communities, promoting social causes, and harnessing technology to bring about meaningful change. Here are 15 association startups in England that are worth keeping an eye on:


Villge is more than just a community; it is a trusted support network for families and those working with them. With a focus on education, health care, and a non-profit marketplace, Villge aims to make a difference in people’s lives. Founded by Dean Eastwood and Lee-Anne Eastwood, Villge’s mission is to foster a sense of belonging and provide comprehensive support.


Organise is the next generation of collective action in the workplace. This association startup leverages big data and software to empower communities and create a stronger voice for workers. Founded by Bex Hay and Nat Whalley, Organise seeks to bring about positive change in labor practices and employee rights.

Benchmark IT Leaders – Andy Britnell

Andy Britnell’s Benchmark IT Leaders is an exclusive community that connects senior IT leaders through invitation-only events. Focused on building strong professional networks, this association startup fosters meaningful relationships and knowledge-sharing within the industry.

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National Education Union

The National Education Union specializes in representing, campaigning, and guiding education professionals. As an association startup dedicated to improving employee benefits and employment conditions in the education sector, the NEU plays a vital role in shaping the future of education.

World Law Forum

The World Law Forum is an independent, non-partisan, international community of change-makers committed to transforming the world through law. Founded by Joslyn Ma and Pratik Bakshi, this association startup aims to bring legal experts together to address global challenges.

Nodes & Links

Nodes & Links empowers organizations across various domains to navigate project complexity. As an association startup in the information technology and project management space, it helps businesses optimize their processes and improve efficiency. Co-founded by Christos Ellinas and Greg Lawton, Nodes & Links is making project management simpler and more effective.

Stay Nimble

Stay Nimble is a platform that supports individuals in navigating their working lives. By fostering a sense of community and providing valuable resources, this association startup helps people make informed decisions about their careers and personal growth.


TuringTalent operates with a strict “no barriers” policy, aiming to overcome existing obstacles in tech talent opportunities. Founded by Christina Chen and Corinne Sawers, this association startup is bridging the gap between human resources and information technology, providing a platform for talented individuals to thrive in the tech industry.

WeGive Ventures

WeGive Ventures is a mobile application that facilitates donations to charities in need. As an association startup in the charity and funding platform space, it connects donors with causes they care about, fostering a culture of giving and social impact.

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La Sororité

La Sororité is a social impact company empowering women in Nepal while promoting sustainable fashion. This association startup operates in the e-commerce and fashion sectors and aims to bridge the gap between luxury and sustainable practices.

She’s On The Money

She’s On The Money is dedicated to educating women on financial literacy. As an association startup, it is empowering women to become financially savvy and independent. Founded by Molly Benjamin and Ollie Forsyth, this initiative is helping to close the gender wealth gap.

Play Dead London

Play Dead London offers interactive murder mystery events, bringing a new level of excitement to entertainment. As an association startup, it focuses on creating immersive experiences and engaging narratives to captivate audiences.


UNHCR is an association startup that advocates for the protection of refugees. By creating a supportive community, this non-profit organization plays a crucial role in safeguarding the rights and dignity of displaced people.

Founder Series

Founder Series is passionate about inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. This association startup leverages social media to build communities and foster creativity and collaboration among aspiring business founders.

Biathlon Integrity Unit

The Biathlon Integrity Unit is an association startup committed to protecting the integrity of the sport and maintaining fairness in biathlon. With a focus on fantasy sports and sports industry ethics, this member-led organization strives to keep biathlon clean and free from corruption.


These association startups are exemplars of innovation and purpose in the English startup landscape. Their commitment to creating positive change and fostering communities is inspiring. As they continue to grow and make an impact, they are setting a new standard for startups in England and beyond. Keep an eye on these ventures, as they are undoubtedly on their way to transforming industries and leaving a lasting legacy.

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