Logistics Innovation Unleashed: 15 London Startups You Can’t Ignore

Empowering Global Trade and Transforming the Supply Chain Landscape.

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London, England is not only a hub for finance and technology but also home to a burgeoning logistics startup ecosystem. These innovative companies are revolutionizing the way goods are transported, managed, and delivered, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. In this article, we will delve into 15 exciting logistics startups based in London, each contributing to the transformation of the logistics industry in its unique way.

Zencargo: Simplifying Global Trade

Zencargo is a forward-thinking logistics company that simplifies global trade by offering digital freight services. Their comprehensive platform empowers businesses to thrive by providing efficient shipping and supply chain management solutions. With a focus on leveraging technology to streamline operations, Zencargo is helping companies navigate the complexities of international trade.

Transcount: Digitizing Freight Forwarding

Transcount is at the forefront of digitizing freight forwarding services. Through their innovative software solutions, logistics companies can transform into digital service providers. With features such as CRM, document management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP), Transcount equips businesses with the tools they need to streamline their operations and optimize supply chain management.

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Shift: On-Demand Logistics for Consumers and Businesses

Shift is an on-demand technology platform that caters to both consumers and businesses in the logistics market. Leveraging artificial intelligence and a robust marketplace, Shift connects users with delivery services, facilitating seamless transactions. Whether it’s a consumer looking for efficient delivery options or a business seeking logistics support, Shift offers a convenient solution.

bidMAZE: A Better Way to Auction

bidMAZE offers a novel approach to buying and selling used and unwanted items locally. This platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling individuals to auction off their belongings without any commission fees. bidMAZE’s focus on the automotive, e-commerce, and logistics sectors sets it apart as an intriguing player in the London startup scene.

HYPR: Luxury Transport in the Palm of Your Hand

HYPR is a members-only app that offers luxury transport services. With a focus on hospitality and logistics, HYPR caters to discerning individuals seeking high-end transportation experiences. Through their app, members can access exclusive services and enjoy a seamless luxury travel experience.

Carryr: Next-Generation Delivery for E-commerce Brands

Carryr is revolutionizing the delivery experience for e-commerce brands. Their platform provides immediate 90-minute delivery or scheduled options, catering to the needs of today’s fast-paced consumers. By leveraging developer APIs and retail technology, Carryr enables e-commerce brands to provide a superior delivery experience.

LivingPackets UK: Smart and Same Day International Deliveries

LivingPackets UK specializes in smart and same-day international deliveries. By combining new technology and a network of crowd-sourced couriers, LivingPackets ensures quick and reliable shipments. Their innovative approach to logistics sets them apart in the competitive market.

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Kiffgo: Connecting People and Businesses with Van Drivers

Kiffgo simplifies the process of connecting people and businesses with available van drivers. With their app, users can instantly find and book van drivers for their transportation needs. Kiffgo’s focus on logistics and same-day delivery makes them a valuable player in London’s startup ecosystem.

Raft (FKA Vector.ai): The Intelligent Freight Command Center

Raft, formerly known as Vector.ai, offers the Intelligent Freight Command Center. Their platform leverages advanced technologies to optimize logistics operations, providing valuable insights and visibility. By utilizing data-driven solutions, Raft empowers businesses to enhance their supply chain management processes.

Dropless: On-Demand Car Wash and Valet Services

Dropless provides on-demand car wash, valet, and servicing services. By leveraging mobile apps and advanced cleaning technology, Dropless offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for automotive care. Their focus on sustainability and efficiency aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious services.

Cityport: Innovative Protection for Goods in Transit

Cityport has developed an innovative method for protecting goods in transit from theft. Their logistics solution ensures the secure transportation of goods by lorry, offering peace of mind to businesses in the logistics sector. With their unique approach, Cityport addresses a critical concern in the industry.

Beacon: Optimizing Supply Chains with Insights and Visibility

Beacon is a digital supply chain and freight platform designed to optimize supply chains through enhanced insights and visibility. By leveraging advanced technology, Beacon streamlines logistics operations, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions. Their comprehensive approach to freight management sets them apart.

XeroE: Leading the Emission-Free Delivery Revolution

XeroE is a pioneering final-mile delivery provider in the UK, focusing on emission-free transportation. By combining innovative technology and sustainable practices, XeroE ensures efficient and environmentally friendly delivery solutions. Their commitment to reducing carbon emissions sets them apart in the logistics industry.

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Chill-Chain: Temperature-Controlled Logistics and Transportation

Chill-Chain specializes in temperature-controlled logistics and transportation services. With their expertise, businesses can ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods that require specific temperature conditions. Chill-Chain’s focus on maintaining product integrity positions them as a key player in the industry.

Aleph Commodities: Solutions Across the Commodities Supply Chain

Aleph Commodities offers a range of solutions across the commodities supply chain. From investment opportunities to logistics and risk management, Aleph Commodities supports businesses operating in the commodities sector. Their comprehensive approach provides valuable support for companies navigating this complex industry.


London’s logistics startup scene is thriving, with innovative companies transforming the way goods are transported, managed, and delivered. From simplifying global trade to optimizing supply chains and offering on-demand services, these startups are making a significant impact on the logistics industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and embracing sustainability, they are shaping the future of logistics in the United Kingdom and beyond. Keep an eye on these 15 exciting startups as they continue to drive innovation and revolutionize the world of logistics.

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