Manchester’s Mobile Startup Phenomenon: 15 Companies Making Headlines

Unveiling the Mobile Startup Landscape in Manchester.

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Manchester, the vibrant heart of the United Kingdom’s northwest region, is rapidly becoming a hotbed for mobile startups. These innovative ventures are harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize social networks, sports development, advertising, fitness, and more. In this article, we will showcase and explore fifteen intriguing mobile startups that are making waves in Manchester’s bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem. From fostering community engagement to transforming industries, these startups are leaving an indelible mark on the mobile landscape.

Heard: Amplifying Connections in the Digital Age

Heard is a visionary social network that connects individuals and facilitates meaningful conversations within their local communities. Leveraging cutting-edge mobile technology, Heard empowers users to engage, converse, and share with others in their vicinity. By bridging the digital and physical realms, this startup is fostering a sense of belonging and enabling genuine connections.

Quantilytics: Revolutionizing Data Science and AI Solutions

Quantilytics is at the forefront of analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence in Manchester. This startup specializes in developing mobile applications, desktop solutions, and web-based platforms that optimize data-driven decision-making processes. With a focus on CRM and web design, Quantilytics is empowering businesses to leverage the power of data for enhanced operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

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Rezzil: Transforming Football Player Development

Rezzil is a pioneering platform that revolutionizes elite football player development and rehabilitation. Combining augmented and virtual reality technologies, Rezzil offers a cutting-edge training and assessment solution for professional footballers. This mobile startup is playing a pivotal role in enhancing player performance and facilitating injury rehabilitation, ultimately revolutionizing the way football is approached and enjoyed.

Vironic: Programmatic Video Advertising Redefined

Vironic is reshaping the landscape of video advertising through its innovative programmatic approach. This startup delivers targeted video advertisements across mobile apps, television, and other digital platforms. By leveraging advanced algorithms, Vironic optimizes ad placements to reach the most relevant audience, boosting engagement and maximizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Huddled Tech App Development: Bringing Ideas to Life

Huddled Tech App Development is a dynamic company specializing in the development of hybrid, iOS, and Android mobile apps, as well as web applications. With expertise in digital marketing and app promotion, this startup assists businesses in creating user-friendly and visually stunning applications. Huddled Tech’s solutions cater to various industries, fueling growth and success in the digital realm.

Viper: Elevating Nightlife Experiences

Viper is an award-winning nightlife app that transforms the way individuals explore and enjoy Manchester’s vibrant nightlife scene. This mobile platform allows users to browse and book tables or booths, select drinks packages, and even enjoy queue-jumping privileges at bars and clubs. Viper’s seamless interface and intuitive features make it a must-have companion for nightlife enthusiasts seeking a remarkable experience.

OVC – Outdoor Visual Communications: Making an Impact through Billboards

OVC is revolutionizing advertising in Manchester through its striking billboard campaigns. By leveraging mobile and outdoor advertising techniques, this startup captivates audiences with eye-catching visuals and captivating messages. OVC’s innovative approach ensures brands make a lasting impression on consumers, effectively increasing brand awareness and driving business growth.

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WalletAds: Enriching Mobile Engagement

WalletAds is a mobile engagement platform that seamlessly integrates social, mobile wallet, payment, and web technologies. This startup enables businesses to reach their customers through personalized campaigns, loyalty programs, and payment integration. With WalletAds, brands can enhance customer experiences and foster long-term loyalty, all while leveraging the power of mobile technology.

Your Fitness Journey Ltd.: Empowering Individuals through Mobile Fitness

Your Fitness Journey Ltd. is revolutionizing the health and fitness industry through its mobile app, FiTR.APP. This comprehensive platform caters to Android users, providing personalized fitness plans, health monitoring features, and access to a vast library of workout routines. With Your Fitness Journey, achieving fitness goals is both convenient and enjoyable.

Further Network: Unlocking the Potential of Smart Travel

Further Network is a travel-tech startup that harnesses the power of blockchain and mobile apps to create an autonomous smart travel ecosystem. By ensuring secure transactions, reducing costs, and enhancing transparency, Further Network is revolutionizing the travel industry. This startup empowers travelers, service providers, and travel agents alike, creating a seamless and efficient travel experience for all.

Ally: Building Connections for Those with Alopecia

Ally is an innovative app exclusively designed for individuals with alopecia. This friend-finding platform connects people facing similar challenges, fostering a supportive community. Ally enables users to share experiences, find support, and build lasting friendships, ultimately making the journey with alopecia a little easier.

Sofielafée: Nurturing Artistic Expression through Mobile Education

Sofielafée is an independent French art studio dedicated to promoting creative expression and nurturing artistic talent through mobile education. By offering innovative mobile apps, Sofielafée provides aspiring artists with tools and resources to develop their skills and explore their creativity.

One Day Agency: Empowering Businesses with Effective Advertising Solutions

One Day Agency is an advertising and marketing powerhouse that offers a range of services, including brand marketing, lead generation, and social media advertising. By leveraging mobile and outdoor advertising, this startup helps businesses optimize their marketing efforts, driving brand awareness, and boosting customer engagement.

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CyberPal: Crafting Digital Experiences with Web and Mobile Solutions

CyberPal is a versatile development agency specializing in websites and mobile app development. This startup offers businesses tailored digital solutions that enhance user experiences and streamline operations. With CyberPal’s expertise, businesses can elevate their online presence and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Algbra: Transforming Mobile Payments with Values-Focused Fintech

Algbra is a next-generation fintech startup that prioritizes values-focused financial services and mobile payments. By combining innovative technology with a commitment to ethical financial practices, Algbra empowers individuals and businesses to manage their finances responsibly and securely.


Manchester’s mobile startup scene is flourishing with innovation and disruptive ideas. These fifteen startups exemplify the diversity and creativity present in the city’s entrepreneurial landscape. From social networks to travel-tech, mobile advertising to fitness apps, Manchester’s mobile startups are driving progress, transforming industries, and connecting people in ways that were previously unimaginable. As the ecosystem continues to thrive, these startups will undoubtedly shape the future of mobile technology and establish Manchester as a leading hub for innovation in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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