Raising the Bar: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Advertising Consultants in 2023

Navigating the Competitive Landscape of Today's Advertising Consultants

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Advertising consultants play a vital role in driving business growth through strategic marketing and branding.
  2. Various consultants specialise in different fields; understanding your specific needs is crucial in selecting the right expert.
  3. TM Consultants, Pink Elephant Productions & colorkarma, ROARANGE BUSINESS STRATEGIES, LLC, and other mentioned organisations offer unique approaches to advertising and marketing.
  4. An organised comparison table can greatly simplify your search process.
  5. Reputable consultants have detailed, accessible websites that provide further insights into their offerings.


In the modern, digitally-driven business landscape, advertising consultants have emerged as game-changers. These seasoned professionals lend their expertise to drive growth, enhance brand identity, and streamline marketing efforts. However, choosing the right consultant from a plethora of choices can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide aims to help you navigate this challenge, introducing you to the best advertising consultants in 2023.

Picking the Perfect Advertising Consultant

Identifying your unique business needs is the first step in selecting a consultant. Whether it’s enhancing brand recognition, fine-tuning marketing strategies, or improving public relations, the right consultant will provide tailored solutions. Moreover, consider their specialities, experience, and client feedback.

The Top Advertising Consultants of 2023: A Comparison

Below is a comparison table of top-notch advertising consultants to guide your decision-making process.

Tanya Barnhill TurnleyTM ConsultantsMarketing, Brand Development, Consultingtmconsultants.net
Shoshana BurgettPink Elephant Productions & colorkarmaMarketing Strategies, Product Development, Web Site Designcolorkarma.com
Joe CarvalhoROARANGE BUSINESS STRATEGIES, LLCBusiness Consulting, Project Managementroarangebusinessstrategies.com
Susan GoldSusan Gold CoachingStrategic Planning, Sales Funnel Management, Win/Loss Analysissusangoldcoaching.com
Tim HartgeThe University of MichiganMarketing Communications, Executive CoachingN/A
Nathan KarolCardinal Consulting LLCBusiness Management, Project ManagementCardinalconsultingnh.com
Dallas McClainWestgate ResortsAnalytics, Mentoring, Consulting, Coachinggatesofgrowth.com
Shawn McKenna-DeaneBiz Advisory Consulting, LLCBusiness Strategy, Sales Coaching Clinics, Social Media Managementbizadvisory.com
Juan MontalvoMontalvo Rolon Sotomayor. LLCBusiness Consulting, Risk Managementmrsequities.com
Elvis OtoboCaleb UniversityTraining and facilitation, Information managementcalebuniversity.edu.ng
Pete ScahillBay State Strategic Solutions, LLCStrategic Planning, Team Coaching, Vendor ManagementBayStateStrategic.com
Allan TateAllan R. Tate, Voice ActingVoice Over servicesvoice.allanrtate.actor
Shannon ThomasSKT Consulting LLCMarketing Analytics, Competitive Analysis, Market ResearchN/A

Delving Deeper into Your Options

  1. TM Consultants: Under the leadership of Tanya Barnhill Turnley, TM Consultants provides comprehensive solutions to clients’ challenges, specialising in marketing and brand development. Their customer-focused, strategy-driven approach, backed by over 45 years of experience, helps businesses to focus on their mission. They start with a thorough consultation to identify gaps and opportunities, then offer a suite of products designed to address deficiencies quickly and smoothly.
  2. Pink Elephant Productions & colorkarma: Led by Shoshana Burgett, Pink Elephant Productions & colorkarma offers an array of services, including marketing strategies, product development, and website design. They also specialise in research & development and strategic planning, helping businesses to effectively communicate their brand and expand their market presence.
  3. ROARANGE BUSINESS STRATEGIES, LLC: Guided by Joe Carvalho, ROARANGE BUSINESS STRATEGIES provides custom-tailored business consulting and project management solutions. They specialise in a wide range of areas, including change management, healthcare, intellectual property, and quality assurance, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses.
  4. Susan Gold Coaching: Susan Gold offers specialised services in strategic planning, client targeting, message strategy, and sales funnel management. Her approach includes CRM implementation, tactical planning, and accountability, focusing on helping businesses understand their competitive landscape and improve their marketing strategies.
  5. Cardinal Consulting LLC: Led by Nathan Karol, Cardinal Consulting provides expertise in business management, change management, and project management. With services extending to disaster recovery and financial management, they offer holistic consulting solutions to help businesses overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
  6. Westgate Resorts: Dallas McClain’s company offers a wide range of services, including analytics, mentoring, consulting, and coaching. They focus on change management and provide support in areas such as financial management and information technology, helping businesses navigate their growth journey more efficiently.
  7. Biz Advisory Consulting, LLC: Shawn McKenna-Deane’s company focuses on talent optimization, business strategy, and operational improvements. With offerings such as sales coaching clinics and social media management, they provide comprehensive consulting services to drive business growth.
  8. Montalvo Rolon Sotomayor. LLC: Juan Montalvo’s firm offers business consulting with a focus on real estate/property management consulting, public relations, and risk management. Their diverse skillset can cater to a broad range of business needs, providing well-rounded support for various organisations.
  9. Caleb University: At the helm is Elvis Otobo, providing services ranging from archival management to digitization. His team’s strength lies in training and facilitation, information management, and information consulting, catering to businesses looking for specialised support in these areas.
  10. Bay State Strategic Solutions, LLC: Pete Scahill’s firm provides strategic planning, team coaching, and vendor management services. They also specialise in change management, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking for transformational support.
  11. Allan R. Tate, Voice Acting: Allan Tate offers unique voice-over services, which can be particularly useful for businesses looking to enhance their media presence. From radio and TV advertising to eLearning and automated messages, Allan brings a distinct skillset to the table.
  12. SKT Consulting LLC: Led by Shannon Thomas, this firm offers a host of services centred around marketing analytics, competitive analysis, and market research. Whether it’s designing a data-driven marketing strategy or implementing testing strategy, SKT Consulting can provide businesses with a more nuanced understanding of their market landscape.
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Each of these consultants brings a unique blend of expertise and experience. Depending on your business needs, one may be a better fit than the others. Take your time, research each one thoroughly, and make an informed choice that could potentially revolutionise your business.

Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive approach to marketing or targeted strategies to enhance brand identity, there’s a consultant for every need. Understanding your business needs and comparing these top consultants is key to finding the best match.

Remember, a well-chosen advertising consultant can revolutionise your business. They bring fresh perspectives, industry-specific knowledge, and a proven track record of success in marketing strategy. Therefore, take your time, do your research, and select the best advertising consultant to take your business to new heights in 2023.

End with an action-oriented closing: Start exploring these consultants’ websites today and pave the way for a more prosperous business tomorrow.

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