Revolutionising Tech Recruitment: Can On-Demand Teams Improve Software Development Efficiency?

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Key Takeaways:

  •, a London-based startup, is redefining tech recruitment through its on-demand service of high-quality software developers.
  • The unique model potentially increases software development efficiency as it alleviates the recruitment burden and accelerates project completion.
  • Founded in 2019, already boasts a network of developers in over 30 countries, experienced in more than 100+ technologies.
  • As the future of work transforms, enterprises like are positioned to capitalize on greater acceptance of remote and flexible working dynamics.

All industries are growing increasingly dependent on advanced software solutions. The pathway to these solutions often hinges on the capability of a company’s technology team. Enter, a startup headquartered in London, England that is transforming tech recruitment with their innovative model. They allow companies to scale their technology teams on demand by providing access to a global network of vetted, world-class software developers.

Founded in 2019 by Sergiu Matei, has crafted a compelling answer to the question: “Can On-Demand Teams Improve Software Development Efficiency?” By easing the recruiting burden and providing instant access to software developers familiar with more than 100+ technologies, facilitates swifter project completion, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

What sets apart from other tech staffing agencies lies in its unique business model. Traditional IT recruiting can be a lengthy, costly, and inconsistent process. With access to developers in over 30 countries, most of which are located in Europe and the Americas, democratises specialist talent attraction. With this model, a company can quickly and efficiently scale its tech team as per the project demand, saving precious time and significant capital.

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Moreover, takes care of the administrative difficulties associated with hiring and managing remote staff, from time tracking to invoicing and payments. With this end-to-end approach, companies can focus on what they do best – developing innovative tech solutions, while handles the workforce administration.

Moving forward, the demand for remote and flexible working solutions is only set to rise, thanks to the influence of events like the global pandemic and a deeper understanding of the advantages attached to remote work dynamics. In this context, is exceptionally poised to transform and dominate tech recruitment. With zealous dedication to quality and commitment, they are contributing significantly to the increased efficiency of software development.

Revolutionising the recruitment process to stay ahead in the fast-evolving IT landscape, offers a glimpse of the future of tech hiring. For the latest updates about the company’s future and the creative solutions they have to offer, follow their journey on website and on their LinkedIn.

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