Startup Showcase: Actus Partners – Helping Businesses Navigate Transformations

A London-based Global Management Advisory & Consulting firm that Develops Alternative ESG/Impact Strategy, Private Equity, and Venture Capital Solutions.

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Actus Partners is a London-based global management advisory and consulting firm that helps businesses develop alternative ESG/impact strategies, private equity, and venture capital solutions. With a network of advisors with over 150 years of professional experience, Actus Partners is dedicated to helping businesses navigate market transformations, improve their ESG/impact, and achieve their growth goals.

ESG and Impact Strategy Solutions

Actus Partners’ consulting and advisory services help C-suite executives, family office leadership, and other senior management improve their ESG/impact, foresight, and value creation cycle. They provide a range of tailored solutions, including international business networks, valuation and assessment, due diligence, analytics, joint ventures, strategic foresight/futurist studies, and research. Actus Partners focuses on providing solutions for sophisticated or institutional clients, including startups, corporations, family offices, government agencies, and foundations.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Solutions

As a boutique consulting provider for private equity (PE) firms and stakeholders, Actus Partners maintains a global network of more than 10 seasoned professional advisors serving ESG/impact, PE/VC, strategy/foresight, and other management consulting clients. They offer deal flow, due diligence, and ESG/impact assessment, industry analysis, investment thesis development, target screening, approach planning, integrated due diligence, revenue, and cost-reduction assessment, post-acquisition agenda development, ESG/impact investment metrics, management, and innovation.

Actus Partners helps PE clients succeed in rapid post-acquisition returns, longer-term value addition and exits, designing strategic blueprints, and catalyzing management alignment with owner priorities. They enhance portfolio companies during the ownership phase through value-addition/creation, revenue enhancement, and cost-reduction plans. Actus Partners also optimizes exit strategies and preparations, prequalifies buyers, and helps develop deal documentation.

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Strategy, Foresight, Communication, and Operations

Actus Partners strengthens and deepens PE firms’ competitive advantage in their investment, fundraising, and other capabilities. They help develop strategies for co-investment/direct investing tailored for institutional programs across a diversity of asset class allocations, covering aspects such as governance and risk management, portfolio construction, foresight and innovation, strategic communication, organizational structuring, and leadership.

Helping Underserved Markets

Actus Partners’ vision includes creating sustainable value-add through management consulting on strategies for ESG/impact, foresight, private equity, and venture capital structures for underserved markets. They propose an initiative addressing the foresight-minded development and financing needs of SMEs in emerging markets, such as the Caribbean, while also enhancing their ESG practices and ensuring a positive impact on their communities.

Actus Partners’ unique approach to management advisory and consulting helps businesses navigate market transformations, improve their ESG/impact, and achieve their growth goals. Their tailored solutions and global network of seasoned professional advisors make them a go-to resource for businesses seeking to improve their performance and achieve long-term success.



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