Startup Showcase: Ad Dragon – Empowering Advertisers to Take Control of Their Revenue Potential

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Ad Dragon is an online ad marketplace that connects advertisers directly to publishers, enabling them to cut out the middleman and take control of their ad space. Founded in London, Ad Dragon is a privacy-focused platform that collects zero personal data from users, making it one of the most secure and trustworthy ad platforms in the world. In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at how Ad Dragon is changing the face of online advertising.

Create Your Own Store & Sell Your Ads at Your Prices

One of the standout features of Ad Dragon is the ability to create your own store on the marketplace and sell your ads at your own prices. This enables publishers to take control of their revenue potential, setting their own rates and deciding how much they want to charge for their ad space. With Ad Dragon, there are no limits to what publishers can earn.

Backfill with Any of Your Current Ad Networks

Ad Dragon also enables publishers to backfill their ad space with any of their current ad networks while they wait for sales on the marketplace. Simply add a backfill code to Ad Dragon ad units, and publishers can earn additional revenue on top of their existing income streams. This unique feature ensures that publishers can maximize their revenue potential and increase their earnings.

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Gain Full Control of Your Ad Space

Another key feature of Ad Dragon is the ability for publishers to gain full control of their ad space. With manual approval, publishers can control every ad that appears on their website, ensuring that only relevant and high-quality ads are displayed. This level of control gives publishers peace of mind and enables them to maintain the integrity of their website while monetizing their ad space.

Log All Your Website Stats & Display Them on Your Store

Ad Dragon also provides detailed website stats that are automatically logged and displayed on a publisher’s store. This eliminates the need for publishers to repeat themselves to advertisers, making the entire process more streamlined and efficient. Publishers can see exactly how their ad space is performing and make data-driven decisions to optimize their revenue potential.

Payouts on the 1st of Every Month

Ad Dragon offers payouts on the 1st of every month, with earnings immediately reflected in a publisher’s panel when a sale is made. This makes it easy for publishers to track their earnings and plan their finances accordingly. With Ad Dragon, publishers can enjoy a hassle-free payment process and focus on what they do best: creating great content for their audiences.


Ad Dragon is an innovative online ad marketplace that empowers publishers to take control of their revenue potential. With its unique features, including the ability to set your own prices, backfill with any of your current ad networks, and gain full control of your ad space, Ad Dragon is changing the face of online advertising. With a dedication to privacy and customer service, Ad Dragon is a platform that publishers can trust to help them monetize their ad space and maximize their earnings potential.

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