Startup Showcase: AfriSplash Remotely – Connecting African Talents with Global Startups

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Are you tired of the traditional job boards and outsourcing services? Meet AfriSplash Remotely, the gateway to Africa’s remote workforce. With its AI-powered talent matching marketplace, this startup is revolutionizing the way global startups find and connect with remote-ready African talents.

Building from Community: The First Remote Work Community for African Talents

AfriSplash Remotely is more than just a job board or a recruitment agency. It’s a community-led initiative with a mission to promote diversity on the global remote workforce through African talents. The platform is designed to bring together remote-ready African talents, entrepreneurs and tech industry leaders from fortune 100’s like Twitter, Apple and Microsoft, co-working spaces aggregator and more.

AI-Powered Talent Matching System

AfriSplash Remotely’s AI-powered talent matching system uses data-driven algorithms to match the right talent with the right job. The platform creates a profile for each talent, highlighting their skills, experience, and preferences. Meanwhile, for startups looking to hire, the system connects them with the best-fit candidates from our pool of remote-ready African talents.

Remote Work Summits with a Focus on Africa

The world is changing, and so is the way we work. In the wake of the new normal and the rise of remote work, AfriSplash Remotely is stepping up to the challenge. The platform hosts remote work summits with a focus on Africa, bringing together remote leaders and tech industry experts from all over the world. Users can attend these summits remotely, learn from the best, and build connections that will last a lifetime.

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Referral-Powered Job Board and Co-Working Spaces Aggregator

AfriSplash Remotely’s referral-powered job board allows users to refer their friends and earn commissions for successful hires. Additionally, the platform also serves as a co-working spaces aggregator, giving users access to co-working spaces with discounted rates.


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