Startup Showcase: Ahkri – Discover Authentic Handmade Art and Handicrafts

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Ahkri is revolutionising the world of art and handicrafts by creating an online platform that connects artists and art lovers from all around the globe. Founded in Slough, Buckinghamshire, this innovative startup aims to create a fair, transparent and accessible trade environment for all handmade creations.

Connecting Artists and Art Lovers

Ahkri is a unique platform that enables artists to showcase and sell their work online. Any creation that falls under the ‘handmade’ category, including paintings, handicrafts and other works of arts, can be sold on the platform. This gives artists a chance to not only showcase their talent but also to earn a fair price for their hard work.

Art lovers, on the other hand, can browse through the curated collection of unique, handmade artworks and handicrafts, and buy directly from the artists themselves. This not only provides an opportunity to own an authentic piece of art but also supports the artists directly by bypassing the middlemen and helping to break down the traditional barriers to entry in the art market.

A Platform for Global Artisans

At Ahkri, artists from all around the globe are given the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity. This creates a diverse and vibrant community of artisans, allowing art lovers to discover unique creations from a broad range of cultures and regions.

Ahkri takes care of the expensive and often complicated logistics such as transportation and customs clearance. This enables the artisans to concentrate solely on creating works of art, while Ahkri takes care of the rest. This creates a hassle-free environment for both the artists and the art lovers.

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A Fair and Transparent Trade Environment

At Ahkri, the focus is on creating a fair and transparent trade environment. The platform enables artists to set their own prices, ensuring that they get a fair price for their creations. Additionally, Ahkri employs a unique rating system that allows art lovers to rate and review the artwork they purchase, ensuring that only authentic and high-quality creations are showcased and sold on the platform.


Ahkri is a vibrant and innovative startup that is creating an accessible online marketplace for art and handicrafts. Its platform is a treasure trove of unique and authentic handmade creations from around the world, allowing both artists and art lovers to connect and trade in a fair and transparent manner. Whether you are an artist, an art lover, or just a curious browser, Ahkri is the perfect platform for discovering beautiful and authentic works of art.


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