Startup Showcase: Arloid Automation – Ultimate AI Solution for Energy Efficiency

Transforming Real Estate with a Sustainable Approach.

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As energy consumption continues to rise and global warming becomes an increasing concern, companies are exploring innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Arloid Automation, a London-based startup, provides a cutting-edge solution using artificial intelligence (AI) that revolutionizes energy efficiency in real estate. In this startup showcase, we will take a closer look at Arloid Automation and how their unique algorithm helps organizations meet their financial and sustainability objectives.

The Problem with Energy Inefficiency

Energy inefficiency is a significant problem, especially in commercial buildings, which account for over a third of the world’s total energy consumption. This inefficiency results in high costs for companies, which ultimately impacts their profits. In addition, inefficient HVAC systems lead to increased carbon emissions, compromising the sustainability goals of many organizations. Arloid Automation tackles this issue by utilizing AI to optimize HVAC systems in real-time, reducing utility bills, and minimizing carbon footprints.

Arloid Automation’s Innovative Solution

Arloid Automation’s solution uses Deep Reinforced Learning and Digital Twin technologies to manage HVAC systems with greater precision, resulting in up to 40% reduction in utility consumption bills. The company’s AI algorithm continuously adapts to changing occupancy patterns, adjusting the system’s settings to ensure optimal energy efficiency. Additionally, Arloid Automation’s solution requires no additional hardware installation and offers a risk-free implementation process, delivering measurable results in under 60 days.

Real-Life Results and Global Expansion

Arloid Automation’s technology has already proven successful, generating savings and reducing emissions for clients worldwide, including Marriott International, Hines, and Lendlease. The startup has established representative offices in Dubai and Singapore and has developed an international partner network. The innovative approach seeks to expand its impact across multiple verticals, including healthcare, education, and retail.

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Arloid Automation offers a game-changing solution to energy efficiency issues that challenge organizations globally. The startup’s unique use of AI showcases the promising impact that technology can have on sustainability efforts. With companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint while still maintaining profits, Arloid Automation’s technology is poised to dominate the energy efficiency market.





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