Startup Showcase: Artxchains – Redefining The World Of Art With Ethereum Blockchain

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Artxchains is a decentralized NFT marketplace that has been disrupting the traditional art world, making it more accessible, secure and transparent. Artxchains operates on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a seamless platform for museums and art foundations to display their art collections and sell exclusive and limited-edition collectibles.

Founded in 2021 by Vitus Pasch and Philipp Klinger, Artxchains is based in London, England, and has successfully managed to gain the attention of the art world with its unique approach to making art more widely available to the public. In this article, we explore more in-depth about the company’s mission, its operations, and how it is transforming the art industry.

Revamping The Art Market

The traditional art market is known for its exclusionary practices, where artworks are often kept in the confines of private galleries, museums, or art foundations. Artxchains aims to change this by providing a platform for artists and collectors to showcase their work, reach wider audiences, and trade their art in a completely decentralized and secure environment.

With a decentralized approach, Artxchains eliminates the middlemen traditionally involved in the art world, such as galleries or auction houses, which allows for a more transparent and fair marketplace for the art community. Artxchains uses blockchain technology to provide authentication and verification of artworks called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to replicate or manipulate them.

Exclusive Collaborations

Artxchains’ unique selling point is its collaborations with museums and art foundations worldwide, which creates an exclusive art buying experience for its users. Artxchains’ digital gallery displays collections from museums and art foundations around the world, providing access to art collections that were previously impossible to view without a visit to the museum.

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Each piece sold on Artxchains comes with an official certificate of ownership issued by the platform, ensuring the authenticity of the artwork. This gives art collectors and investors the confidence to purchase art without fear of fraudulent activities.

Building A Community

Artxchains provides a social aspect to their platform, encouraging art enthusiasts and collectors to come together and discuss their love for art. The community can follow artists, participate in auctions, and exchange thoughts in a forum-like environment. The community also offers a transparent view of the artwork, allowing everyone to be informed on the latest trends and techniques within the industry.


Artxchains offers a new era of art collection and appreciation, and slowly but surely is transforming the archaic art world into a more accessible, transparent, and secure environment for everyone. By providing a decentralized marketplace, collaborating with museums and art foundations, and building a community, Artxchains is leading the way in redefining the future of Art.





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