Startup Showcase: Augestra – Progressing ethical social sustainability using evidence driven Trustworthy AI

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Augestra is a pre-revenue B2B startup based in London, England, that is pioneering a new market called ESG Ethical Social Sustainability. By creating and applying a Trustworthy AI SaaS Platform, Augestra enables companies to measure, manage, and protect evidence as it emerges, with the aim of progressing ethical social sustainability at scale. The company’s goal is to achieve target revenues of USD 120M in 10 years.

Measuring and Managing Ethical Social Sustainability

Ethical social sustainability is the inspired link between ESG and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the way humanity addresses 169 universal challenges. However, “ethical social sustainability risks are often hidden in plain sight,” says Augestra. As a result, dynamic risk assessments generate new data to progress ethical social sustainability, by automatically measuring and managing evidence as it emerges.

The Augestra SaaS Platform applies Trustworthy AI to measure and manage ethical social sustainability using evidence-driven engineering. This platform enables the complex transition from the unmeasurable to measurable social shifts of ESG into hard metrics. Aligning with the forthcoming EU Artificial Intelligence Act, Augestra is positioned to help organisations inside and outside the EU comply with requirements or obligations, potentially reducing the risk of hefty fines.

The Future of Ethical Social Sustainability

Augestra’s work is rooted in the belief that ethical social sustainability can be progressed using scientifically valid and reliable data, which can be used to build predictive models of human behaviour, its drivers, and its consequences. The Service Addressable Market for ethical social sustainability is valued at USD 63B by 2032. Augestra’s Trustworthy AI SaaS Platform provides ethical, social, and environmental data-driven models for cost-effectively managing ethical social sustainability at scale.

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Augestra’s approach looks set to be one to watch, as ethical social sustainability gains momentum and more businesses turn to evidence-driven solutions for sustainability challenges. Augestra is still very much a startup, but the company’s vision for the future is both inspiring and attainable.


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