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Exploring museums and galleries has become an exciting new way to experience art, cultural exhibits and learn about history. However, with the growing number of galleries and exhibits, it can be an overwhelming process to unravel what to see and the most effective way to move around the space. Aura, the museum genius, has come forward to address this problem. Their innovative platform enables visitors to explore various galleries and create personalized tours that take advantage of each space’s features. Aura’s cutting-edge technology offers visitors an unprecedented ability to engage with exhibits, listen to interesting stories from professionals, and move around museums efficiently.

Themed Routes: A Personalized Approach

With Aura, visitors can customize their museum tour by choosing a particular theme or interest. Themed routes can reveal the hidden gems of the museums that you may have missed. Whether you want to visit the Egyptian section, indulge in the art of Pre-Raphaelites or explore galleries with works by contemporary artists, Aura offers internet-free audio guides for your maximum enjoyment.

Short and Detailed Audio Stories

Aura offers a unique, easy-to-use platform where visitors can listen to short, captivating audio stories of different artworks and exhibits. They welcome partnerships with high-profile museum curators, academics and exceptional storytellers to create the most informative and engaging narrations. Visitors can access the narrations through their smartphones, making it possible to listen offline. The audio stories are the perfect way to enjoy the museums at your own pace while creating an unforgettable experience.

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Interactive Floor Plans

Aura is committed to ensuring that visitors have a seamless experience when moving around museums. Their interactive floor plans are equipped with an indoor navigation system that guides visitors with explicit instructions. Aura’s innovative technology ensures that visitors never miss a crucial piece of artwork.

Keypad for Easy Access

Almost every museum has a traditional audio guide system, which introduces artworks and exhibits through a series of numbers. Aura understands the significance of these traditional guides, so they created a way to incorporate them into their platform. Visitors can use the keypads to access each exhibit’s detailed page on Aura, making it easier for visitors to engage with each artwork.


Overall, Aura provides museum visitors with an unforgettable experience that is impossible to find elsewhere. Their innovative platform helps visitors customize their visits, engage with art and exhibits, and efficiently move around museums. Aura is an impressive startup that delivers unprecedented solutions that visitors will enjoy. Discovering museums and galleries has become more accessible, more enjoyable, and more informative. Thanks to Aura’s terrific platform, everyone can now be a museum genius.


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