Startup Showcase: Awen Collective Ltd – Making Society Safer through Cyber Resilience

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As our world becomes more dependent on technology and the internet, cybersecurity threats continue to rise. This is especially critical when it comes to our society’s critical national infrastructure such as energy, water, transportation, and other industrial systems. And this is where Awen Collective Ltd, a Cardiff-based software company, comes in with their mission to make society safer by increasing cyber resilience.

Founded in 2018, Awen offers purpose-built software products that focus on Operational Technologies (OT) such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Building Automation & Control (BAC) & Building Management Systems (BMS), Industrial Robotics, and Internet of Things (IoT). Their software helps industrial organisations detect, respond, and recover quickly from cyber-attacks, reducing the risk of devastating consequences.

OT Insight – Enhancing Network Visibility and Security

OT Insight is Awen’s flagship product that offers real-time visibility into OT networks with its innovative, passive monitoring capabilities. It analyses the network traffic and behaviour, detects anomalies, and alerts the security team to take prompt action. OT Insight gives industrial organisations actionable insights to assess and mitigate cyber risks, thus maintaining secure and resilient systems.

OT Defence – Protecting the OT Landscape

Awen’s OT Defence solution is specifically designed to protect critical OT infrastructure from cyber-attacks. It provides industrial organisations with automated threat detection and response, leading to faster mitigation and reduced risk. With its proactive threat intelligence, OT Defence anticipates, mitigates, and manages attacks before they can become critical, thus maintaining uninterrupted business operations.

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OT Cyber Range – Training Industrial Cybersecurity Professionals

Awen’s OT Cyber Range is a unique training solution designed to create cyber-secure professionals from within an organisation. With its realistic and immersive training environment, the range trains and prepares individuals to recognise, respond, and manage cyber threats within industrial OT systems. It offers custom-tailored training sessions and delivers metrics, evaluation, and feedback, making it a highly efficient way to build cyber resilience within organisations.

Awen Collective’s innovative solutions have earned them many accolades, including being named Wales Startup of the Year and being shortlisted for Best IoT Security Product and Best Cyber Resilience Startup at the Computing Security Awards in 2020. The team is also the cybersecurity partner for the University of South Wales’ National Cyber Security Academy, further highlighting their expertise and innovation in the field.


Awen Collective is dedicated to creating a safer and more secure society through their cybersecurity solutions. Their focus on OT gives them a unique and critical perspective on industrial cybersecurity, making them a valuable partner for any organisation looking to safeguard against security breaches. With their innovative solutions, Awen Collective is poised to make a significant impact in the cybersecurity industry.


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