Startup Showcase: Beam – Providing Clarity and Data for Team Performance Management

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As the world becomes more and more complex, organizations face the challenge of managing their teams’ performance amidst a sea of priorities and distractions. Enter Beam, a performance management platform that provides teams with the focus, clarity, and data they need to execute their goals effectively. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore the features and benefits of Beam and how it’s revolutionizing performance management for teams and organizations.

Introducing Beam: The Performance Management Platform for Teams

Beam is a London-based startup that provides teams and organizations with an intuitive platform for performance management. The platform enables teams to set and assign goals, measure achievement through key results, get real-time data on team performance, provide 360 feedback to team members, and align team culture and competence. Beam’s approach is designed to help teams stay focused, get things done, and achieve their objectives.

Streamlining Performance Management with Beam’s Features

One of the key benefits of Beam is the array of tools and features it provides for performance management. Here are a few examples:

  • Goals and OKRs: Beam allows you to set and assign goals to teams or individuals and track progress against key results. This feature eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets and streamlines the entire goal-setting process.
  • Analytics: With Beam’s analytics feature, you can get data on your team’s performance in real-time. This helps you make informed decisions and adjust your team’s approach as needed.
  • Feedback: Beam’s feedback feature enables you to provide 360 feedback to team members, helping them to grow and develop professionally. This feature is particularly useful for remote teams that don’t have as many opportunities for in-person feedback.
  • Culture and Competence Reviews: Beam provides teams with data and insight to align team culture and competence. This feature helps you create a culture of continuous learning and improvement, which can have a significant impact on your team’s success.
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Unlocking the Potential of Performance Management with Beam

Beam’s approach to performance management is a game-changer for teams and organizations that struggle with focus, alignment, and data management. With Beam, you can streamline your team’s performance management process, get real-time data on team performance, and provide valuable feedback to your team members. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your team’s performance, give Beam a try.


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