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Are you tired of navigating payment frauds, data privacy risks and compliance regulations? Introducing – a leading Payment and Digital Identity SaaS for businesses and public sector entities – which simplifies payments, improves regulatory compliance, and ensures top-notch security.

As a start-up showcase, is pleased to present an overview of and their goal of transforming the way organizations perform disbursements while enhancing user privacy and convenience.

Revolutionizing the Payment Landscape is a London-based company that offers a two-sided Enterprise Gateway Market place (EGM) solution as a SaaS to organizations seeking to make payments to their payees. Their mission is to empower institutional customers to comply with data privacy laws, enhance customer experience, reduce operational expenditure, and reduce payment frauds globally.

One common challenge for payers is capturing and safely storing payment details of payees across multiple platforms. acts as an intermediary, capturing payee details, managing their payments, keeping them updated, and ready for payments to execute. This approach ensures that payment details are stored and managed securely, without compromising user privacy or risking payment fraud incidences.

Innovative Digital Identity Solutions is also a digital identity SaaS platform, providing payees with greater control over their data by enabling them to self-identify before receiving payments. Users can easily manage their payments and provide their payment account details through an easy-to-use UI. They can save, add, or delete payment and personal details while maintaining full control over what they share.

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The platform’s advanced security features such as bank-grade security controls, Two-Factor authentication, and real-time monitoring ensure top-notch protection of user data and payments. These features guarantee full compliance with modern-day data privacy regulations and provide peace of mind to users.

Global Reach, Streamlined Processes offers the ultimate destination for organizations worldwide to leverage their platform on public Cloud or host on their internal Cloud platforms. Their easy-to-use portal and APIs make it possible for business and banking customers to upload payment advice files with minimal data, making payments seamless and straightforward, and enabling them to download real-time MI (management information).

Future Plans has an ambitious roadmap to expand its reach and capabilities, with plans to execute payments themselves, providing multiple payment destinations across the world, and offering attractive and guaranteed Foreign Exchange rates. Expect to see more exciting innovations from the company as they continue to push the frontiers of payment and digital identity solutions.

Conclusion is a payment and digital identity solution that offers incredible value to organizations. The platform’s ability to streamline payment processes, ensure user privacy and security, and enhance regulatory compliance makes it a standout solution for modern-day institutions. Visit their website or follow them on their social media platforms to learn more about how their innovative solutions can help your organization today.





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