Startup Showcase: Beta Bugs Limited – Breeding high-performance Black Soldier Fly breeds for insect farmers

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In a world where climate change, food security and population growth are major concerns, Beta Bugs Limited is rising to the challenge by innovatively disrupting the animal feed and protein industries using insects. With a vision to increase the productivity of insect farming, Beta Bugs is expertly cultivating high-performance Black Soldier Fly breeds through a state-of-the-art breeding programme. In this Startup Showcase, we take a deep dive into the revolutionary work of this Edinburgh-based startup.

Breeding Better Insects through Science

Beta Bugs is a leader in insect genetics, and its breeding programme is paving the way for the cultivation of high-performance Black Soldier Fly strains that are more productive, faster-growing, and nutritionally balanced. Through research and development, Beta Bugs has engineered a unique HiPer-Fly® that delivers more mass per egg than existing commercial strains. HiPer-Fly® that can be fed a wider range of substrates, thereby reducing production costs, and supporting the development of more sustainable agriculture.

Beta Bugs has built a state-of-the-art Black Soldier Fly egg production site, The Multiplier®, which plays a crucial role in its mission to speed up the adoption of insect farming as an alternative food source. The Multiplier® is a high-tech facility that annually produces millions of high-quality, genetically consistent eggs that can be transported easily and are perfect for large scale, commercial insect production. The Multiplier® can provide insect farmers anywhere in the world with standardized, high-performing eggs, ensuring that they have the genetic building blocks needed to build resilient and thriving insect farms.

A Sustainable Solution for a Sustainable Future

Masquerading as innovative animal feed, rearing insects like the Black Soldier Fly has been shown to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing a protein-rich source of food that can be grown sustainably. Compared with traditional animal feed like fishmeal and soymeal, insect protein can be produced more resource-effectively and with a lower environmental footprint. The production of insect meal and oil from the Black Soldier Fly larvae is one of the most promising alternatives to fishmeal, which could fill the ever-increasing gap between fish supply and demand.

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Beta Bugs has recognized the numerous benefits of insect farming coupled with the poultry industry by producing larvae that can be used as high-quality feed for chickens, turkeys, and other poultry. As the company continues to expand, its efforts are primarily focused on advancing the insect farming industry in a way that will shift the focus away from traditional farming methods.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Agriculture

Beta Bugs Limited is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture, promoting efficient and sustainable farming practices. The partnerships and collaborations established by the company with industry-leading experts, such as the Roslin Institute, puts the company at the forefront of the industry, leading the way towards innovation and sustainability. Insect farming is already a growing industry, and the potential for the future is massive. With Beta Bugs, the future can be just as promising as it is sustainable.


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